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SPN fic: 'Green Day' [R] Ruby

Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Ruby
Rating: R, gen
Length: 2,200 words
Warnings/Spoilers: Language, violence, drug use.
Author's Notes: Written for the spnland 'Through the Looking Glass' writing challenge. This is an AU of Supernatural wherein there are no supernatural forces. At all. So very, very AU.
Thanks to: My beta, elementalv.
Summary: All the shit Ruby had gone through to get here - tonight it was gonna pay off.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Kripke.

Ruby finished touching up her lipstick and met her own eyes in the mirror. All the shit she’d gone through to get here – tonight it was gonna pay off. She checked herself over one more time. Tight black jeans and a black leather jacket over a green silk tank top. Green – that was important. Ruby had gone back and forth between boots and low heels, but decided on the heels. She needed Ellis eating out of her hand when they met.

Ruby pulled a condom out of the drawer and stuck it in her wallet; not because she was planning on using it, but because it would suck to need one and not have it. For the same reason, she strapped on a little fanny pack and tucked her .38 Special inside. Keys and wallet went in her left jacket pocket, cell phone and the all-important baggie with her sample in the right. One last look around the room to be sure there wasn’t anything left out in the open that shouldn’t be, and she was out of there.

The club was throbbing electronica and black lights that hid more than they revealed. It was packed with sweating bodies desperate to score, to fuck; frantic to escape their own pathetic lives. Ruby bared her teeth and shoved her way through the crowd to the back room where the meeting would take place. A bald tattooed bouncer muttered into his sleeve as Ruby slipped through the unmarked door. When it sealed behind her, the sudden quiet roared in her ears but the pounding bass remained like a distant heartbeat.

A slim Mexican in jeans and a wife beater stood at the end of a short hallway. She recognized him as a member of Ellis’s crew. He took her gun and searched her. His hands didn’t linger on her tits or ass any longer than necessary – a pleasant surprise. Once the guy confirmed she wasn’t wearing a wire or carrying any other weapons, he opened the door and gestured her through.

This was it. Ruby walked in, doing her best to project ‘Ruby Gattini, professional bad ass.’ There were four men inside, and the door behind her was the only exit.

Ellis was sprawled behind a big desk, eyes glued to the soccer game showing on a big screen TV. He held up one finger as she opened her mouth. Ruby settled back onto her heels and took the opportunity to stare at him. Ellis was a tall black man in his mid-30’s. He wore an expensive grey suit. He looked way classier than the threadbare, dingy office. Still, she wasn’t here for an interior design consult.

The muscle-bound guy in the corner behind Ruby was scowling at her. The other two were perched on a couch watching the game. There was a roar from the TV, and one of them whooped, “Yes! You should’ve known better than to bet against Brazil!” He held out a hand to the other, who pulled out a wallet and reluctantly handed over several bills.

Ellis shook his head at them, picked up a remote, and shut off the TV. “So, Ms. Gattini, I understand you looked after Tawana up in Albion?”

She nodded. “Someone had to. Nice kid, but not too tough.”

“Well, she has good things to say about you.” Ellis’ eyes wandered insultingly slowly down Ruby’s body and back up again. “Not bad. I have to ask – are you a full-time carpet muncher, or was it just a prison thing?”

Ruby smothered a surge of irritation as he pushed his chair back from the desk and gestured for her to sit on his lap. Would she sleep with Ellis, if she had to, to seal the deal? Sure. But if she gave it away at this point, she’d just be another one of his fuck bunnies.

“Look, Ellis, I’m smart, I’m reliable, and I’m a good earner. That’s what you need, I’m your girl. If you’re looking for somebody to suck your dick …” Ruby shrugged. “Why don’t you ask Pedro out there. I bet he’d be into it.”

The big guy in the corner laughed out loud. A slow smile spread along Ellis’ face. “I like you. You’ve got balls. What’s this I hear about a business proposition?”

“It’s Special K, but with more of a kick,” Ruby explained, pulling out her sample packet of white powder. “I know a chemist, a grad student at NYU. He’s got access to the labs at night, weekends, can cook this up in big batches, pure and low-risk.”

“Designer drug?” Ellis asked, sitting forward.

“Nah, not with the changes they made to the law. It’s still a Schedule III drug. But, trust me, once this stuff hits the clubs, your customers won’t want anything else.”

Ellis nodded. “How solid is your connection to this chemist?”

Ruby smirked. “He’s been sniffing around me since high school. I can lead the kid around by his dick until global warming washes the city out from under us.”

Ellis leaned back in his chair until it creaked. “Well in that case, I think it’s time to try out the goods, see if it’s as special as you claim. Ladies first.”

Shit. “I try to avoid sampling the product,” Ruby said carefully. If she got high, it could – no. Screw it. She’d do whatever it took, and deal the fallout later.

Ellis’ eyes were cold. “Why? You a cop?”

The two men sitting on the couch stood up, and Ruby could feel the guy behind her reaching for a gun. She forced herself to loosen up.

“Come on man, seriously?” she drawled. “I just don’t want to have to negotiate while I’m tripping – this is good shit.” This would work out, anyway. Set the hook and then walk away, let Ellis talk himself into it. She opened the baggie, expertly tapped out some powder onto her hand, and snorted it. “Right, boys, who wants a bump?”

The big guy, Milo, had taken her up on the offer. So did the Mexican from outside, who turned out to be named Jose, not Pedro. Ruby gave them bigger doses than she’d snorted, and the three of them drifted through some clubs, a dreamy distant blur of color and sound. She was driving her beat-up old Toyota when she started to come down, which kind of sucked. Ruby would’ve taken the subway if she’d known she’d be getting high tonight. Milo wanted some gummy bears, so they pulled into an all-night convenience store. Milo and Jose piled out, laughing like little kids.

“Get me a Red Bull, assholes,” Ruby yelled out the car window as they disappeared into the store. ‘Tainted Love’ came on the radio and Ruby turned it up, singing along.

Gun shot. Ruby froze, contradictory reactions sparking through her still tingly-numb body. Duck down, drive away, call for back-up, pull her gun and run into the store … Ruby turned off the radio and watched the convenience store. Was she that fucked up, that she’d heard a car backfire, and thought it was gunfire? Two more shots in quick succession and then Milo came running out the door, dragging Jose behind him. He opened the back door, shoved Jose inside, and climbed in after him.

“Go go go!” Milo yelled, and Ruby took off, tires squealing. She could already hear sirens in the distance.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Milo whimpered. Jose was making an awful wheezing sound. Ruby adjusted the rearview mirror so she could see what was going on in her back seat. Saw a dark stain spreading all over that white wife beater. Jose was bleeding, bad.

Ruby’s eyes jerked back to the road. She slowed down to the speed limit and merged carefully with the other traffic on the road, hands at two and ten on the wheel, shaking with a cold fury. That limp dick bastard had fucked up her chances at getting into Ellis’ crew, and she was just about ready to put a bullet right between his eyes if he didn’t stop making that fucking noise.

“Jose?” Milo said frantically. “Stay with me, man. Just stay with me.”

But they weren’t – she wasn’t – wait. Ruby started taking slow, deep breaths, trying to push aside the last of the Special K fog and think things through.

“We have to get him to a hospital, or he’ll bleed out,” she finally said, amazed at how calm she sounded. “And you need to apply pressure to that wound, try to slow down the bleeding.”

“Yeah, okay, but he’s … I don’t think he’s breathing right.” Milo said, panting along with Jose.

Ruby put her foot on the gas. Kings County Hospital was the closest, and they had a good trauma center. Ten blocks from the hospital, a squad car pulled up behind her and flashed its lights.

“Shit,” she said. “Milo, I’m gonna pull up outside the ER – get ready to run for it. They’ll take care of Jose. Okay?” Milo didn’t reply; whatever trip he was on must’ve gone pretty fucking bad by now.

Ruby gunned the engine for the last block and swerved around a couple of EMTs to screech to a stop in front of the ER doors. She threw herself out the car door, yelling “Gunshot victim,” to the men she’d almost run over. Ruby ran for the side of the hospital, registering a distant shout of, “Stop, police,” and then pounding footsteps behind her. Fuck, she shouldn’t have worn heels. Reminded, Ruby pulled off her leather jacket as she ran and dumped it, her shiny green tank top catching the streetlight. Even if it didn’t work, at least she wouldn’t get busted with her sample. She left her gun in the fanny pack.

Ruby ducked into an alleyway, skidded on something wet, and landed hard on her knees. Somebody tackled her from behind. She caught a glimpse of a patrolman’s uniform and hissed, “Green,” as she bucked and slammed her head back into him. Something crunched. She managed to toss him off, got up, and started to run again, ignoring the pain in her knees. She’d only hobbled a few feet when she was taken down again.

“Stay down, bitch,” the officer snarled wetly as he cuffed her. “You have the right to remain silent…”

This was really not her fucking night.

Hours later Ruby sat drumming her fingers on the table under the bright fluorescents of an interrogation room. She’d been processed, finger-printed, and stuck in a holding cell with a bunch of hookers until they finally shoved her into here. The only reason she wasn’t pacing was that her knees were aching like a mother-fucker.

The door opened. The patrolman with the busted nose who’d arrested her came in along with a grizzled sergeant. Ruby was out of her seat and in the officer’s face like a shot.

“What’s the color of the day, huh, asshole,” she demanded. “The color that signals you not to arrest undercover cops?” Ruby fisted her tank top and held it out. ”Oh yeah, it’s fucking green!”

The patrolman backed up into his sergeant. “He’s a rookie,” the sergeant said calmly.

Ruby spun around and shoved the table across the room. “Well your rookie just fucked up a three month undercover operation. My lieutenant is gonna have his balls for breakfast.” After he raked her over the coals for letting it get fucked. Shit. The lieutenant had given her this chance, her big break after hundreds of prostitution stings and penny-ante buy/busts, and she’d screwed the pooch.

“If it makes you feel any better, Officer Giovanni, you almost broke his nose,” the sergeant offered. Something in his voice made her look up. The sergeant – Sergeant Ackens, she read off his uniform, was watching her warily.

Ruby realized her hands were shaking and shoved them in her pockets. “Well it doesn’t. Who taught him to restrain a suspect that way? It’s a fucking embarrassment.” And that, that was better. Roasting the rookie like an actual cop, instead of some crazy, hopped-up perp.

“Sorry,” muttered the patrolman, his face almost as red as his swollen nose.

“Yeah, well … what the hell, kid,” she responded, watching the sergeant out the corner of her eye. “Bring me some disco fries and a diet root beer, put some ice on that nose, and we’ll call it even. I need to get started on the paperwork for this bitch.”

“Oh Christ, the paperwork,” groaned Sergeant Ackens, right on cue.

Ruby nodded mournfully, heart tripping as he courteously opened the door and let her out of the interrogation room. She was fine. Surrounded by cops, not sure if her cover was blown, if she was going home tonight as Ruby Gattini or Officer Ruth Giovanni, but she was fine. Better than fine. After all, she was a professional.


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May. 2nd, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
Fun! Gritty and rough, too. I liked it very much (but I think Ruby's probably a dirty cop, even if she's a good one!).
May. 2nd, 2010 06:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks vikingprincess! It's rather dark, yes. Ruby's not dirty in the sense of taking bribes, but she's definitely an 'ends justify the means' kind of cop.
May. 2nd, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
Not a big fan of Ruby in any U, but you made her believable as an undercover cop. I agree with vikingprincess though. She might be a good cop, but she definitely cuts too many corners.
May. 2nd, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC)
I was really struck, at the end of season 4, by Ruby's delight in finally being able to boast about what she'd acomlpished. Seduced Sam, gotten him to free Lucifer, even with every hand on both sides turned against her. Because she's just that good. And the fact that, in the end, she had always been, in her own way, a true believer.

I think cop!Ruby sees the actual law as a series of inconvenient obstacles in taking down the bad guys.

Thanks, tifaching!
Jan. 1st, 2011 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you recced this - fascinating take on the character.
Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:07 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading it, Ith!
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