keerawa (keerawa) wrote,

Vidder on the Auction Block!

Ever have a cool vid idea, and wished somebody would create it? Then the AO3 Vid Auction is for you!

This event is raising money for the Archive of Our Own and its parent non-profit, the Organization for Transformative Works. All created by fans, for fans! There are 18 vidders offering their services, including ME!

Fandoms I can vid: I'm very familiar with Supernatural, due South, and Highlander. I'd also be happy to vid Firefly, Farscape, Jeremiah, Babylon 5, Southland, Torchwood, Dexter, The Unit, Spartacus, or Vernonica Mars. I'm open to vidding any sci-fi/fantasy movie, and a large number that aren't. Also, if there's some other fandom you're desperate for a vid in, contact me - if I have the source, we might be able to work something out.

Feel free to poke around my vid tag for examples of vids I've made in various fandoms.

Come and bid! *shakes her money maker*
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