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For anyone who's been enjoying hiding under a fannish rock recently, gatorgrrl recently posted a BB J2 AU set after the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti. The problems generally fall into 2 camps:
1) It's insensitive setting a white-guy romance in this RL setting, particularly considering the number of dead, that there are still bodies trapped in the rubble, and that the author changed some details for plot purposes in ways that are unrealistic and, if true, would have saved many lives. Some readers are speculating that the fact the dead and grieving are POC makes them somehow less real or important in the author's eyes.
2) The author (judging by these excerpts, as I haven't read the story) uses a great deal of stereotypical language and imagery about Haitians, blacks, and POC, including the infamous 'Magical Negro.'

Ouch. No, really. Ouch.

Now, I'm sorry that no one mentioned to gatorgrrl that this was problematic before she published. I'm glad that critical commentary went beyond the original anonmeme so that there can be a public and accountable discussion. Because if we can't talk about these issues, address them, say when something's hurtful, openly and honestly address what's going on within our own community, how is stuff ever going to get better, anywhere?

In addition to the PROBLEM that is the original fic, I worry that the (well-deserved) intensity of response is going to put fanfic authors off writing People of Color in their fics. Which would suck, 'cause we're already tragically short on them.

Now, I have only once had someone write to me to say that she found something I wrote in a story was an offensive stereotype. It was a mention of a nun hitting a school boy on the hand with a ruler. I appreciated the feedback, and used her as a beta when I wrote a later story that explored Vecchio's Catholic roots more deeply.

So here's my open invitation - CALL ME ON MY SHIT. If I have ever posted something that you thought was offensive, racist, sexist, or somehow problematic, please let me know. I invite you. In fact, I'm begging. Lemme know, OK?

In fact, here's a link to my Highlander story with an OC who is Haitian, and involves the massacres in Bosnia. I did a lot of research, but I didn't use a Haitian beta, and I should have. If you have the time, read it and tell me if, when, and where I fucked up. You can do it anonymously, or in a private email, if needed, but please feel free to do so here and publically, because other people might be able to learn as much from my mistakes as I can.

Seriously, my friends. If you see me fucking up? Call me on it. Any time, any place, any fandom, any fic, any comment.

On a more cheerful note, here's a marvelous comic from glockgal, If Sam and Dean were POC.