keerawa (keerawa) wrote,

Drabble: "Gameboard"

Challenge: Highlander100 #122 "Dark, Light, and Shadow"
Disclaimer: Davis/Panzer has legal rights to Adam Pierson. I just get him on the side.

Adam Pierson was working late. A display of photos in the deserted hallway caught his eye. "The Game – 5 years". "Good" said the left. "Evil" was on the right.

Adam pulled Darius's photo from the left. With a fond smile he stuck the photo in the center of the display. Then Adam reached for Grayson, on the right side. "Brave and loyal to a fault," he whispered, placing Grayson below Darius. Rebecca's picture was next to be plucked from its place of honor. Adam stared at it.

Researchers arrived the next day to find photos scattered all over the hallway.
Tags: drabble, highlander
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