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Title: 'Widow's Weeds'
Character: Andrea Bar
Rating: G, gen
Written for: The spnland Andrea Character Week Challenge and supernatural100 challenge #274: bitter.
Length: 100 words
Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters belong to the CW.
Summary: She wasn't even 30 years old. This wasn't meant to happen.


The word conjured images of old, stooped women wearing black and tending their husbands’ graves. But here Andrea was, 29 years old with a traumatized son and an empty coffin in her husband’s grave, filling out the paperwork for death benefits.

She stood up, poured another cup of coffee, and opened the fridge. Three casseroles and four bowls of potato salad. Maybe Mrs. Cunningham would bring over some more of that lasagna tonight. It was the only thing Lucas had eaten more than a bite of since the accident.

She wasn’t ready to cook. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow night.


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