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The Monster in the Hat [PG-13] gen

Title: The Monster in the Hat
Characters: Dean, Sammy and something that may or may not be a Cat
Rating: PG-13, gen
Length: 600 words
Spoilers: Very general for season 1 of Supernatural and for 'The Cat in the Hat'
Author's Notes: 1st place and most creative winner in the spnland X-over writing challenge. Thanks to my beta, Stevie. I'm really happy with how this turned out!
Disclaimer: Sam, Dean, and Supernatural belong to the CW. Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote 'The Cat in the Hat' under the pen name Dr. Seuss.
Warnings: Dark and twisted version of a childhood classic.
Summary: Two children were left all alone, and something came by to play...

The sun did not shine
Because it was night.
We sat in our motel.
I hid my fright.

I kept it together.
I tried to stay calm.
Out there, Dad was hunting
The thing that killed Mom.

I sat there with Sammy.
We sat there, we two.
Sammy whined, “Dean, I’m bored.
What can we do?”

Too awake to sleep.
The TV was bust.
The pizza Dad ordered
Was eaten to crust.

So all we could do was
Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!
We did not like it.
Not one little bit.

And then … the locked door
Blew open with a THUMP!
How that thump made us jump!
The salt-line scattered across the mat.

There stood the guy from Sammy’s book,
The Cat in the Hat!
He prowled in and said,
“Why do you sit there like that?”

“I know that it’s night
And Daddy’s gone out.
The TV is broken,
Sammy’s starting to pout.”

“But if you put
your trust in me,
There’s plenty that’s fun
To do and to see!”

We’d raised Sammy on tales
Of magic beans and sheep.
But I knew what happened
To Little Bo Peep,
From the stories Dad told
When the kid was asleep.

So I did not trust that monster
With cat-eyes gone yellow.
And I ran for the knife
Dad kept under his pillow.

Then that big stupid Cat -
He knocked me flat!
And whispered, “I could do
Much worse than that.”

“Don’t worry, Dean,” he said out loud.
“I don’t bite!”
That’s when his sharp, sharp teeth
Caught the light.

“Crazy Cat,” I whispered back.
“You better get gone.
Our Dad’s a hunter,
You freaking moron!”

“But I like it here.
I do NOT want to go!”
“And so,” said the Cat,
“So, So, So …
I’ll show you both
a fun game that I know!”

“How ‘bout that, Sammy?
Let’s do it your way!
You decide –
Do you want to play?”

“Don’t do it, Sammy,” I warned.
And then – can you guess?
With a big grin,
My brother said, “Yes!”

The Cat winked.
Said, “That’s my boy!”
And he picked Sammy up
like he was a toy.

“Put him down!” I yelled.
“You don’t get to stay!
I don’t care what stupid games
you would play!”

“But Dean, I’m hurt.
You don’t want to play?
Maybe Sammy and I
Should just go away?”

“No, no,” I said,
Grabbing Sammy’s leg tight.
“You can stay, Cat!
You can stay here all night!”

He giggled then,
And picked me up too.
“This’ll be so much fun!
There’s so much to do!”

As he held me I shivered
And tried not to fight.
The Cat’s fur was cold.
Something just wasn’t right.

Sammy’s eyes had gone scared.
I guess he felt it too.
So I had to be brave.
“What game? Is it new?”

The Cat’s yellow eyes glittered.
“Oh no, my game is old.
The story that goes with it
Is the first ever told.”

“Sounds boring,” I said
And faked a yawn.
Hoping to keep the thing
Busy ‘til dawn.

The Cat shook me, hard.
Snarled, “Dean, you are-”
That's when I heard
The sound of our car.

John came in and found
His boys tucked in bed, snug as a bug.
Then he saw the salt scattered
Across the rug.

When he checked on his sons,
Dean woke ready to fight.
The boys couldn’t tell him
What caused such a fright.

John bundled them into the car
And moved on that same night.
Tags: fic, gen, other fandoms, poetry, supernatural
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