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Remix_Redux goes live!

Oh, so much joy and pain and utter mind-bending quality to be found in 285 remix fics and 121 remix madness treats!

I've had the astonishing luck to have four remix fics written for me. FOUR!!! Every one of them based on an original of 400 words or less, which I think is very cool.

In Flight (The Wide Open Spaces Remix) is a wonderful remix of gen due South snippet When the Walls Close In, about Ray's time stuck in the Canadian Consulate during Asylum. It's a time-shift remix, showing us what happens after my snippet, when Fraser returns. It's terribly romantic, for a gen piece, which I love! Also, the author does a marvelous job of wrapping her new story in the theme of my original. Check it out!

Then I had three remix stories appear today as part of the Remix Madness Challenge. There's one in each of my main fandoms! It could be a coincidence. Or perhaps someone on my friend's list decided to give me a wonderful early birthday present. *eyes you all*

Does it look straight from down there? is a remix of Violets at Christmas, a cute little due South Frannie/Elaine kissing snippet I wrote. And this remix is - SO HOT I MELTED. Seriously. I have never read anything that got me this turned on in so few words, and I can't even tell why. Something about the specific sensory details the author chose just - guh. Femme-slash for the win!

Dance Like You Mean It (The Flighty Thief Remix) is an Amanda-POV version of my Highlander drabble After Nick's Flight, about how Amanda deals with Nick leaving her. So in-character, and just rather tragic.

and a little child will lead them (the leopard and the goat remix) is a chilling continuation of my AU Supernatural drabble, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb, showing Sam's steady progress down that road to Hell. Even the title is a perfect match, isn't it?

I wrote 2 remix fics myself, but they'll have to wait for the reveal. Go forth, read and enjoy! Remix fics never get enough love, so be sure to at least leave some kudos at AO3!

If you missed out on the fun and would still like to play, I invite anyone, at anytime, to remix any of my stories! Transformative works FTW!!!!!!!



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May. 3rd, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
I think I already left a comment on the "and a child will lead them" remix. Chilling says it all. I also read the first due south one, but need to go back and leave a comment because I don't think I did.

Got to get to the other two today.

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