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Drabble: A Note from Warren

Challenge: Highlander100 #108 "Alea Iacta Est – The Point of No Return"
Disclaimer: Davis/Panzer say Warren Cochrane and Duncan MacLeod belong to them.

The moment Wellesley led us across the river we were committed to the fight. The 74th followed our regimental colors and the skreal of the pipes onto the killing fields of Assaye. 5,000 madmen sought battle against 50,000.

I remember the thump of artillery and the whirring rain of canister as we marched towards their guns. Corporals yelled to close ranks as we stepped over our dead. A single volley from our muskets and the brutal joy of the charge. Those memories don’t fade. Neither does the glory.

200 years, Duncan, and still they remember the Highlanders' victory.

Do you?