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My 2006 fiction and vid round-up

I began writing in 2005, but didn't publish anything until 2006. So this is also my entire body of collected work, ordered chronologically, laid out at your feet.

January: The month when I first posted to Live Journal.

The Price of Interference - Highlander - 36,300 words. The first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote!
Joe Dawson: Watcher, Vietnam vet, bartender, bluesman ... assassin? Joe overhears a conversation never meant for his ears. The consequences will require him to reveal old secrets, face his personal demons, and take care of an unstable Immortal.

February: The month wherein I realized that when I wrote stuff, and posted it to LJ, people would actually read it and give me feedback. I was very excited.

Immortal Survivors - Highlander - 1,300 words
How do men become monsters? How do Watchers become Hunters? Just relax. Doctor Ung will explain everything.

From the Mangled Journal of Richie Ryan - Highlander - 1,600 words
Richie Ryan starts a diary. Humorous. My first response to a challenge.

Destination Unknown - Highlander - 1,900 words
In the aftermath of Archangel, Richie Ryan has a choice to make. This one is distinctly odd.

After Nick's Flight - Highlander - 100 words
Amanda/Nick drabble. My first drabble. I was trying to figure out how to write evocative desriptions, and this seemed like a good way to practice.

February in New Orleans - Highlander - 800 words
Methos makes plans to celebrate Mardi Gras as New Orleans recovers from Hurricane Katrina. (DM/M). My first attempt at slash.

March: In which I slowed back down.

Highland Rains - Highlander - 1,800 words
A blustery Seacouver morning reminds MacLeod of his early years in the Highlands. (DM, Connor, Methos)

Posthumous - Highlander - 100 words
Methos drabble written in response to the Source Synopsis, and for the Highlander100 Challenge #89 "Methos Lives!" challenge.

April: April showers are busy, and leave very little time for writing.

Eye of the Storm - Highlander - 100 words
Amanda drabble written for the Highlander100 Challenge#90 "Change"

May: I threw myself back into writing, and got bit by a vidding Muse.

Olive branch - Highlander - 2,600 words
Methos recalls the death of his wife and family during the Crusades. Angst warning.

Dissonance - Highlander - 900 words
Methos is among the first to realize that the Gathering has already begun. Oddly enough, this is my most read, most feedbacked story so far.

June: Look Ma, I made a vid!

"Clint Eastwood" - Highlander vid
Methos wants to be happy. Kronos wants MacLeod dead. The story doesn't end the way you might think.

A Werewolf in Paris - Highlander - 100 words
Cross-over drabble written for the Highlander100 Challenge#95 "Smell".

July: Was too hot to do anything creative.

August: Was almost too hot to do anything creative. I kept sticking to my chair as I made the one vid.

The Battle of Evermore - Highlander vid
MacLeod wrestles with Methos's Horseman past. Cool thing about this vid - almost everyone who watches it sees a different plotline than I thought I was creating. But it's a really good plot, and now that it's been explained to me, I can see it too. It's like I made two vids for the price of one!

September: It cooled down and my brain kicked back into gear.

Black Ice - Due South - 2,900 words
Soon after the events of Eclipse, Fraser has a bad day. Gen. My first story outside of the Highlander fandom. Fraser's head is a strange place. The due South folks were very welcoming.

Alienation - Farscape vid
John has to adapt to a bizarre and frightening universe. Short, instrumental percussion piece. Warnings for drug use and public urination. I think its funny.

A Note From Warren - Highlander- 100 words
Warren Cocharane writes to Duncan. Written for the Highlander100 Challenge#108 "Alea Iacta Est – The Point of No Return".

A Moment to Reflect - Highlander - 100 words
Joe drabble written for the Highlander100 Challenge#108 "Alea Iacta Est – The Point of No Return".

Darius's Stallion - Highlander - 100 words
Darius drabble written for the Highlander100 Challenge#109 "Sex". Monk kink!

Lightning Rod - Jeremiah vid
Jeremiah is driven to live as a hero, in a world where heroes don't live long.

October: 2 drabbles and a vid, tra la la.

Sands of Time - Highlander - 100 words
Cassandra drabble written for the Highlander100 Challenge#110 "Insanity".

Crown of Thorns - Highlander vid
Duncan MacLeod, a Dark Quickening, and love. Never got much feedback on this one, but I really like how it came out.

Dia de los Muertos - Highlander - 100 words
Duncan remembers Tessa. Written for the Highlander100 Challenge#114 "All Hallow's Eve".

November: I wrote a little drabble, then caught a really nasty head cold and went back to work on the big sequel.

Some Things a Holy Spring Can't Fix - Highlander - 100 words
Joe calls Richie after the Dark Quickening. Written for the Highlander 100 Challenges #115 "Missing Chronicles VIII", and #26 "Dialogue"


Faded Glory - Highlander - 100 words
Duncan and Linda Plager drabble written in response to the Highlander100 Challenge#120 "The Lie in the Looks".

Gameboard - Highlander - 100 words
Adam Pierson, late one night in Watcher HQ. Written in response to the Highlander100 Challenge:#122 "Dark, Light, and Shadow".

Coming Soon:

In a huge burst of end of the year productivity, I've finished first drafts of these three pieces. They are with the betas.

"The Secret War" - Highlander - 26,700 words. Joe Dawson takes on the Hunters. This is the sequel to my first novella, "The Price of Interference."

"Life Among the Watchers" - Highlander vid - Joe is caught between the Watcher and Immortals.

"Guilty Until Proven Innocent" - Due South - 11,800 words. Written for the ds harlequinn challenge. This is a Fraser/Kowalski AU. Kowalski is a PI, and Fraser is on trial for murder.

That's almost 50,000 words written in two fandoms. Three if you want to count the werewolf cross-over drabble. Plus five vids in three fandoms. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now! *sacrifices a plot bunny to the Muses*
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