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Dear Yulegoat Letter

This year I requested fic for Outcasts (British 2011 TV mini-series), Chicago Code (2011 US TV series), Defying Gravity (US TV series from 2009), and Kushiel's Dart. I noticed 'This Alien Shore - C.S. Friedman' on the nominations list, and HAD to request fic for it. Sorry, Defying Gravity. Maybe next year!

Remember, optional details are optional, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!


This show was incredibly engaging, plotty, clever sci-fi. It had a delicious post-apocalyptic flavor: that tiny group of humans that are all that remains of humanity, with limited resources for survival and a mess of personal secrets and issues, struggling to survive in a mysterious and threatening environment. I got terribly upset when I heard it wasn't renewed. Then I thought - YULETIDE!

If you feel like exploring what might have happened post-series, with the invading new ship and the political tensions, I'd love it! Gen or canonical het relationships are what I would prefer in this fandom, although if you want to throw in a little slashy or femme-slashy UST or fantasy, I could roll with that.

I'm fascinated by Tipper Malone. Exploring his back-story, and how a child prodigy decided to essentially 'drop-out' to become a DJ in an environment where humanity's survival is hanging by a thread, would really interest me. Or Dr. Stella Isen, brilliant research psychologist turned head of security - how does that even happen? I love the fact that she went out looking for a no-strings hook-up, and ended up with this very peculiar on-going THING with Tipper that neither of them seems to have a handle on. So, yes, feel free to write me some Stella/Tipper fic, full of peculiar power dynamics, and the whole May-December awkwardness, and emotional issues out the wazoo.

Fleur interests me. She's really kind of a paladin, and I admire her constant, unceasing battle to Do The Right Thing. Cass is a sweet-heart, and there were hints of such a dark past there, of his own fears of who he was and could become again ... the fact that both he and Fleur are not who they were meant to be contains the seeds of a great story, I think.

For a total wild-card, you could try an AU! If you wanted to take these characters into a different post-apocalytpic situation, and show me how their dynamics might play out after in a zombie apocalypse, or being trapped together in a bunker during what may be a true nuclear attack, or might be just a test, go for it!

Chicago Code

What an incredible show! The thing I love most about 'Chicago Code' is that, more than any other show I've ever seen, this show advanced it's plot by the main characters all being very, very bright and always doing the smart thing, based on their current information. It's gritty and felt more real than most police procedurals, so please try to retain that feel in the fic. I'm not really interested in romance or smut for this fandom. I'd prefer a case-fic or character-study piece, if possible.

Alderman Ronin Gibbons is an incredible character. He is so corrupt, and many of his actions approach out-right evil. And yet ... I honestly believe that he sees himself as a good man, and there is no doubt that he is a tremendous positive force in his community. You could give some more of his back-story, maybe show the moment when his feet were set on this path, I'd be delighted!

Theresa knows how to play the game, and yet she is a bull-dog when it comes to changing the Chicago that IS, the one she sees all too clearly, into the one she believes it can be. Watching the two of them in conflict with each other is like Sherlock vs. Moriarty. How refreshing! If you wanted to give me a taste of that cat-and-mouse game between Gibbons and Theresa (when both see themseleves as the cat), that would be great!

Then there's Jarek. He's good police, with this terrific, unique voice in the show. Any chance you can capture that? I like the sense of tradition that he brings to the job, in terms of his family and culture and history. "There are two kinds of police shootings - good shootings, and great ones." It's so absolutely, horrifyingly problematic! The fact that Jarek can simultaneously believe in his brothers in blue, and yet be completely aware of the number and scope of corruption on the force, intrigues me. Maybe you could write about one of those 'good shootings', or a partner he trusted who turned out to be dirty? Or, for something more cheeful, I have this strange urge to read about all the sex Jarek is NOT having. Like maybe 'Five Times Wysocki Wasn't Knocking Boots with His Boss, But Everyone Assumed He Was', or even 'Ten Good Reasons Not to Fuck Your Partner'.

This Alien Shore - C. S. Friedman

This is one of my very favorite books! I have an atypical brain, and the mismatch between my own perceptions and reactions, and those considered 'normal', have caused me trouble. So the Gueran culture, with it's acceptance of difference, and that complicated system of mental archetypes (based on Inuit animals - SO COOL!) and face-painting that allows each person to show others their own perceptions and requirements so that they are able to interact productively, fascinated me. I'd be most interested in character-studies, world-building, a plotty story, or further investigation into the varied cultures of the Up and Out.

Prompts: A story featuring Kio Masada as he interacts with non-Guerans and the Outernet would be interesting. Jamisia attempting to learn the basic of the Gueran social contract would be cool! You could create some OCs, and set a story on one of the great ships venturing from Earth to the nearest station, with some kind of intrigue and interaction between 'pure' and Hausman characters. Some kind of epistolary story could be fun. Maybe you could show the post-book reactions to the revelations about the Lucifer virus? Or write a conversation between Jamisia's personalities at some point in the canonical events.

Kushiel's Dart

I love this series for the hot, consensual BDSM, the intriguing religion the author's created, and Phedre, who can be strong, intelligent, and save the world as a masochistic submissive. Story ideas - anything, so long as it's not gen.

Bring on the NC-17 fic! Het, femme-slash, threesomes, kinky BDSM porn! If you can spice it up with some character study, insight into Carey's intriguing religion, or plot, all the better.

I love Melisande. A Melisande/Phedre story would be great! You could focus on the Longest Night that Phedre spent in public as Melisande's pet, or a series of letters that Melisande wrote to Phedre, or something with a more philosophical bent. "Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns or thrones." While Melisande is the villain of the piece, she strikes me as someone with a personal code that she never, ever violated.

Or you could write me some Phedre/Imriel. I'd love it if it were problematically incestuous, with their roles as mother and son, Kushiel's scion and Kushiel's dart all mixed up into a big ball of wrong/hot/want.

Perhaps a story showing how Phedre meets her needs as an anguisette while in a relationship with oh-so-vanilla Joscelin? Or a story that shows Phedre as both a clever, competent spy and devoted a courtesan. As long as the story's hot, you know I'll love it!

I'm thrilled about all four of my requested fandoms. I threw some story ideas your way, but feel free to ignore them if they don't catch your interest. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. Here are a few general ideas about my many likes and few dislikes.

I'm a fan of plotty stories. I like it when interesting things happen, characters need to do something or figure something out. Even in a story where the sex or relationship is the main focus, I love having some kind of additional conflict, mystery or action going on, something that shows these characters have lives and outside interests. Characters being smart and competent really please me.

I like angst and darkfic, up to and including deathfic. Now, don't feel that you have to go there - I like light, happy stories too! But if your Muse leads you somewhere dark, I'm delighted to go there with you. I like it when a character's dark side and flaws are intimately related to their best qualities. It's not that I enjoy the exploration of evil, per say. More that I'm fascinated by the search for love and redemption in even the darkest of circumstances.

Unreliable narrators are a particular thrill for me. I like Original Characters and outsider POVs, so feel free. I'm always interested in stories that reveal character backstory. I love stories about people who know and trust each other working together as a team. One of my requests mentioned AU's, but you could write one for any of my fandoms. I really enjoy AUs, especially the 'alternate timeline' or 'hinge-point' variety, where a single different decision veers reality away from canon.

I'm not into crack!fic, including tentacles, wings, and transformation fic. I don't like kid fic, and pregnancy completely squicks me. Plots that depend on characters acting like idiots are irritating. Pure romantic fluff with no conflict or other plot doesn't generally work for me, and I'm not a fan of 'These characters are now pirates in the 1700's!' variety of AU.

Hot Sex
I read and enjoy lots of G-PG fic. But if you should be in the mood to write something porny, yay! I like slash, het, and femme-slash. I'm a fan of intense relationships. People who love each other beyond all reason. Even if you're writing about a hook-up or business transaction, I want it to be in response to some deep need, not just a casual fling. Kink works for me, if you want to go there. You don't have to - one of the hottest stories I ever read never went past a purely vanilla first base. Passionate, nervous first-time kissing. Mmmmm.

My favorite kinks include dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, pain, bloodplay, marking, bondage, orgasm denial, and power-imbalances. *licks lips* Most importantly, though, it needs to be in-character, be about these two (or three) people, what they want and need. Kinks are all about trust. It doesn't need to be safe or sane, but I want it consensual. That said, the particular flavor of dubcon wherein a character is forced into something they desperately want, but could never reach out and take on their own sets me off like a fire-cracker.

I'm not into fisting, golden showers, scat-play, clothing-fetishes, DS as a lifestyle, necrophilia, bestiality, or role-playing. But you could probably make me buy into any one of them, if you write it hard and hot enough. The one thing that seriously turns me off is fic where the character's kink is because of some childhood trauma, sexual assault, or anything icky like that.

In Conclusion
To me, fanfic is all about getting a chance to explore characters in ways that the original source didn't allow. I love these characters, these worlds - show me something I didn't know about them, and that's the best present you can give me.

Your Eager Recipient,

- keerawa