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Apparently, NaNoWriMo has so twisted my brain that not only am I capable of writing kinky porn in public places, apparently I am now ONLY capable of writing kinky porn in public places. After 5 days of sitting comfortably at home in front of my computer and being completely blocked on this sex scene, I went back to work back today and while sitting mashed up a against a very nice elderly Somali gentlemen I scribbled out the heart of the scene in my notebook.


Anyhow. I need a beta for my spn slaveexchange story. It's 12.5k of seriously fucked-up BDSM porn between Dean and soulless!Sam. There's also angst. And some plot may have crept in. There's no rush - posting isn't for weeks. But this needs some serious, no-nonsense, 'kiss the red pen before I beat you with it' betaing. I need someone who's not just going to check my grammar, but will tell me if whole scenes need to be re-written, deleted, or rearranged. If Dean's coming across as OOC, insane, or both. That type of thing.

Anyone up for that?