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2011 fic round-up

I wrote a lot this year! I posted 39 stories and 1 vid for a total of 74,709 words.

Fandom breakdown: I was slightly less mono-fannish this year than usual. 29 Supernatural fanworks, 2 cross-overs between Supernatural and Quantum Leap and Dr. Seuss, 2 due South, 1 original fic, 1 SGA, 1 Criminal Minds, 1 Dragon Age 2, 1 Kushiel's Legacy, 1 Paksenarrion, 1 Vorkosigan Saga, 1 Suzanne, 1 Little Red Riding Hood, 1 Tortall.

By length: 6 were drabbles, 24 ficlets under 1000 words long, and 3 of my stories were over 10,000 words.

By sexuality: 3 were femme-slash, 7 het, 8 slash, and 21 gen.

January I wrote original fic for an NPR challenge, that was fun!

Visiting Hours (original fic, gen) PG-13 430 words
Glitching Up the Evil-dar G (SPN, Sam, Dean) 100 words
Shelter from the Storm PG (due South, Bob Fraser) 300 words

February I worked on some WIP, but didn't post anything.

March Spnland short-writing challenges

Scratching at the Wall (SPN, Sam) PG 100 words
You Never Forget Your First (SPN, Dean/Bela) R 100 words
True Believer (SPN, Sam, Casey) PG-13 1,400 words
Romance and Shiner Bock Don't Mix
(SPN, Dean/OFC) PG-13 300 words
A Winchester Always Pays His Debts (SPN, Sam/Dean/Pamela) PG-13 200 words
Red Moon Rising (SPN, Mary) PG 100 words

April Spnland challenge writing, mostly. I'm not sure where the SGA fic came from!

Comma Crusader (due South, wee!Ben Fraser) G 300 words
Widow's Weeds (SPN, Andrea) G 100 words
The Monster in the Hat (SPN/Dr. Seuss, weechesters) PG 600 words
Sun Signs (SPN, teenchesters) G 400 words
Certain Sacrifices PG-13 (SPN, Gabriel/Bela) 828 words
Pony Express G (SGA, Teyla) 323 words

May SPN cinema and the Remix Redux challenge.

Dazed and Confused (SPN, Sam/Ruby) PG-13 880 words
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye PG (SPN/Starship Troopers fusion, Sam, Dean, John) 1,800 words
Sacraments (SPN AU, Sam/Dean) R 3,300 words
Rabbit Hole (The Ripples Remix) (SPN/Quantum Leap, Sam, Dean/Castiel) PG 1,600 words
Save your anaesthetic for the boy next door (the bruises remix) (SPN, Sam/Dean) R 1,200 words

June Thank you 'Let's Get Gay Married' Comment-fic!

The Perils of Gay Marriage (SPN, Sam/Dean kind-of) PG 600 words
Late Night Briefing R (Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan) 650 words
The Pirate Bride G (Dragon Age 2, Isabela/Merrill) 350 words

July Ah, the pod_together challenge.

And the Stripper Wasn't Even Hot (SPN/Dark Blue, Sam, Dean, Jaimie, Ty) PG 1,100 words
Three Days on the Rack NC-17 (SPN, Sam/Dean) 3,800 words

August Vividcon!

Vid: 867-5309 PG-13 (SPN, Dean/Castiel)

September Summer-gen fic exchange reveal and my Minibang.

Helpful (SPN, Dean, OC) PG 3,200 words
Like Oil and Napalm R (SPN, Dean/Ruby) 350 words
Runaways PG-13 (SPN, OFC, teechesters) 10,200 words

October A little more for spnland short writing challenges before the comm shut down. *sobs*

Ten Thousand Nights (SPN, Lenore) PG 167 words
Predators and Prey (SPN, Dean, Sam, Mary) PG 827 words

November In which there was vast amounts of NaNoWriMo writing, and my reversebang was due!

...but the sun is getting low (SPN, Dean, Sam, Bobby) R 4,700 words

December Yuletide, slaveexchange, and 50 states challenges all came due. Whew!

Primary Sources (SPN, teenchesters) PG 14,850 words
Dominance Issues (SPN, Robo!Sam/Dean) NC-17 13,330 words
The Trouble with Breakfast (Provost's Dog - Tamora Pierce, Beka/Rosto) PG 1608 words
Nocturnal Admissions (Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey, Phedre/Joscelin, Imriel) PG-13 1296 words
Our Lady of the Harbor ('Suzanne' - Leonard Cohen song, OFC/OFC) R 2000 words
paladins like dandelions, growing wild in the fields (Deed of Paksenarrion - Elizabeth Moon) 100 words
A Soldier's Death (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold, Miles, Piotr) PG 434 words
My Lupe (Little Red Riding Hood, Red/Wolf, OFC/OFC) R 786 words



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Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:11 am (UTC)
Congratulations on writing so many stories. It's pretty neat that you different fandoms listed.

Good luck with your writing projects in 2012!
Jan. 3rd, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks dante!
Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
Look at all you've gotten done! Congratulations on your awesome output!
Jan. 3rd, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Ti!
Jan. 3rd, 2012 04:20 am (UTC)
Go, you!
Jan. 3rd, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
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