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Dear Yulegoat Letter

This year for Yuletide I requested fic for Sons of Anarchy (US TV series), The Deed of Paksenarrion (book series), and Kushiel's Legacy (book series).

Remember, optional details are optional, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!

Sons of Anarchy

Prompt 1) "I buried my best friend three days ago. As cliche as it sounds, I left part of me in that box. Part I barely knew, part I’ll never see again." I'm fascinated by this quote. I'd love to read a story that digs into the relationship between Jax and Opie. It could be as best friends, sexual or not, romantic or not. But what is it about them that made Jax feel like, with Opie, he could be a version of himself that no one else saw?

Prompt 2) For a completely different prompt, as I watched the last season, I was struck by how much the SoA operates like a wolfpack. So - write me the Sons as werewolves! You could make this a cross-over or fusion with some other verse (Supernatural, Mercy Thompson, something else) or do your very own world-building. Basically, show a world where the good people of Charming know to stay indoors on the night of the full moon.

Prompt 3) Gemma is one of the most interesting characters on TV. She operates within a highly patriarchal society, and yet has a great deal of personal power and influence. I'd love it if you wrote me something that features her. It could be set well pre-series, Gemma-focused, showing us Clay and Wayne and Piney and J.T. in their hey day. We got the bare facts of how it all went to hell - but I want to FEEL it. Or something about the conflict between Gemma and Tarra, when Jax was a teenager, before Tara left to become a doctor. Or something with her and Nero, because Nero is a warm, sweet, and clever bastion of sanity in the midst of everything going to Hell.

The Deed of Paksennarion

This is my favorite fantasy series, my comfort food. Please, whatever you do, keep it gen? Paks is one of the few asexual characters out there, and I'd like to keep her that way.

Prompt 1) Further adventures of Paksenarrion! You could do any style here, from first person, to a story told to children around the fire, to an epic poem, and I would love it.

Prompt 2) The religions of Paksennarion's world fascinate me. The Kuakganni, the Marshals, the Wind Steed and his nomadic followers. I'd really enjoy a story that delves more into one of these religions. If you could do it as part of some adventure story, that would be icing on the cake!

Prompt 3) One great thing about 'Sheepfarmer's Daughter' was the fabulously gritty and realistic portrayal of medieval warfare. If you have the knowledge and ability to pull something like that off, I would enjoy it tremendously.

Kushiel's Dart

I love this series for the hot, consensual BDSM, the intriguing religion the author's created, and Phedre, who can be strong, intelligent, and save the world as a masochistic submissive. Story ideas - anything, so long as it's not gen.

Bring on the NC-17 fic! Het, femme-slash, threesomes, kinky BDSM porn! If you can spice it up with some character study, insight into Carey's intriguing religion, or plot, all the better.

Prompt 1) I love Melisande. A Melisande/Phedre story would be great! You could focus on the Longest Night that Phedre spent in public as Melisande's pet, or a series of letters that Melisande wrote to Phedre, or something with a more philosophical bent. "Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns or thrones." While Melisande is the villain of the piece, she strikes me as someone with a personal code that she never, ever violated.

Prompt 2) Or you could write me some Phedre/Imriel. I'd love it if it were problematically incestuous, with their roles as mother and son, Kushiel's scion and Kushiel's dart all mixed up into a big ball of wrong/hot/want.

Prompt 3) Perhaps a story showing how Phedre meets her needs as an anguisette while in a relationship with oh-so-vanilla Joscelin? Or a story that shows Phedre as both a clever, competent spy and devoted a courtesan. As long as the story's hot, you know I'll love it!

Prompt 4) Oh, and here's a wild-card. I recently read a story that took the Kushiel's Legacy verse and updated it into the modern world, crossed over with Sherlock. If you'd like to try something like that, world-building where you explore how the D'Angeline culture would change over time and be integrated into the modern world, I'd be fascinated.

I'm thrilled about all of my requested fandoms. I threw some story ideas your way, but feel free to ignore them if they don't catch your interest. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. Here are a few general ideas about my many likes and few dislikes.

I'm a fan of plotty stories. I like it when interesting things happen, characters need to do something or figure something out. Even in a story where the sex or relationship is the main focus, I love having some kind of additional conflict, mystery or action going on, something that shows these characters have lives and outside interests. Characters being smart and competent really pleases me.

I like angst and darkfic, up to and including deathfic. Now, don't feel that you have to go there - I like light, happy stories too! But if your Muse leads you somewhere dark, I'm delighted to go there with you. I like it when a character's dark side and flaws are intimately related to their best qualities. It's not that I enjoy the exploration of evil, per say. More that I'm fascinated by the search for love and redemption in even the darkest of circumstances.

Unreliable narrators are a particular thrill for me. I like Original Characters and outsider POVs, so feel free. I'm always interested in stories that reveal character backstory. I love stories about people who know and trust each other working together as a team. One of my requests mentioned AU's, but you could write one for any of my fandoms. I really enjoy AUs, especially the 'alternate timeline' or 'hinge-point' variety, where a single different decision veers reality away from canon.

I'm not into crack!fic, including tentacles, wings, and transformation fic. I don't like kid fic, and pregnancy completely squicks me. Plots that depend on characters acting like idiots are irritating. Pure romantic fluff with no conflict or other plot doesn't generally work for me, and I'm not a fan of 'These characters are now pirates in the 1700's!' variety of AU.

Hot Sex
I read and enjoy lots of G-PG fic. But if you should be in the mood to write something porny, yay! I like slash, het, and femme-slash. I'm a fan of intense relationships. People who love each other beyond all reason. Even if you're writing about a hook-up or business transaction, I want it to be in response to some deep need, not just a casual fling. Kink works for me, if you want to go there. You don't have to - one of the hottest stories I ever read never went past a purely vanilla first base. Passionate, nervous first-time kissing. Mmmmm.

My favorite kinks include dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, pain, bloodplay, marking, bondage, orgasm denial, and power-imbalances. *licks lips* Most importantly, though, it needs to be in-character, be about these two (or three) people, what they want and need. Kinks are all about trust. It doesn't need to be safe or sane, but I want it consensual. That said, the particular flavor of dubcon wherein a character is forced into something they desperately want, but could never reach out and take on their own sets me off like a fire-cracker.

I'm not into fisting, golden showers, scat-play, clothing-fetishes, DS as a lifestyle, necrophilia, bestiality, or role-playing. But you could probably make me buy into any one of them, if you write it hard and hot enough. The one thing that seriously turns me off is fic where the character's kink is because of some childhood trauma, sexual assault, or anything like that.

In Conclusion
To me, fanfic is all about getting a chance to explore characters in ways that the original source didn't allow. I love these characters, these worlds - show me something I didn't know about them, and that's the best present you can give me.

Your Eager Recipient,

- keerawa



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Oct. 17th, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
I will also be requesting Paks! I hope one of us gets a fic for it--out requests are really very similar.
Oct. 19th, 2012 06:44 am (UTC)
*nods* The world needs more Paks fic!
Oct. 20th, 2012 07:02 am (UTC)
I recently read a story that took the Kushiel's Legacy verse and updated it into the modern world, crossed over with Sherlock.

WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS MAGNIFICENCE?! I've prompted it twice with no joy!

(Also - I've been seeing these letters all over LJ. What's the story?)
Oct. 20th, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)
The Shattered Marque

Yuletide? Yuletide is an AMAZING rare fandoms gift exchange that happens every year.

Check it out!
Nov. 9th, 2012 05:37 am (UTC)
Um, a Kushiel's/Sherlock crossover (HOLY FFFFFF...) how did I not know this was a thing I wanted with the burning fires of a thousand suns until now?

Also, hi again :) Wish we could have spent a bit more time hanging out at the Con after our panel! You were super awesome and I wish we'd had a whole damned day to talk about podfic together and, yeah. I hope it happens again next year.
Nov. 10th, 2012 08:04 am (UTC)
'The Shattered Marque' is so very, VERY good! The world needs more! I tend to get a bit over-loaded by social interactions at cons and run away to hide in my burrow. ;-) Electronic interaction, now, that's MUCH easier! I'm looking forward to next year, as well!
Nov. 11th, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
Word. I've been recovering all week from being in social overdrive at the Con. And now I'm thinking of going back and giving Kushiel's Dart a fifth (sixth? lost count) reread, hmmm...:)
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