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BBC Sherlock Fanworks Index

I invite people to podfic, translate, illustrate, or remix my stories, use my original characters, recycle my plots, and create transformative works based on my writing, vids, and podfic. Repod away, if you are so moved! My only requirement is that the author include a link back to the work where they got the idea. Sending me a link isn't required, but I'll probably get very excited about it.

* I've marked my personal favorites with a star.


* Children's Work
Gen. Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach. The closest thing to a friend that Sherlock Holmes is capable of having...

Short Stories:

Lies, Damn Lies, and Police Procedurals
Gen, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson. In which John Watson issues a challenge, and Sherlock accepts. 1k words. [PG]

* Murder Will Out
Gen, Sherlock Holmes. It had become something of a hobby, over the years. Along with profession, marital status, and general habits, Sherlock would attempt to ascertain what might drive this individual to kill, and what method they would likely employ. 1.6k words. [PG-13]

Gen, John Watson. Sherlock could see everything in a glance, but John had to take his time, follow his instincts when it came to spotting the little details that could crack a case. 1k words. [PG-13]

Preconceived Notions
Gen AU. John Watson, Mycroft Holmes. This is a time-stamp to A Story of Names. The most dangerous man you've ever met. 1.8k words. [PG]

Security Check
Gen, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson. Sherlock frequently worked with highly classified material in his home; any potential flat-mate would need to be vetted. 1.1k words. [PG]

A Story of Names
ACD/BBC Sherlock Holmes cross-over AU. OC, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson. Being an account of the adventures of a fae lost in the great city of London. 6.5k words. [PG]


Fever Dream
Gen drabble. John Watson. I knew that they dwelt in my fancy only, and that I was sad, and left, and lonely - Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton, 'The Fever-Dream' [G]

I Owe You a Fall
Gen 221B. Moriarty. Thoughts from a rooftop. [PG]

No Lady
Gen drabble. John and Sherlock. This time, John's not the least bit impressed by Sherlock's deductions. [PG]
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