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Complaints Will Be Treated with All Due Concern

"Bitch," Thomas muttered under his breath as the new head of the department stood up to dismiss the meeting. If they had to start hiring women, why couldn't it be some fashionable career girl who'd follow his advice, not this battleaxe who had decided she could order him about like the ruddy Queen of England?

"Do we have a problem, Mr Crenshaw?" Ms Pevensie asked with a gentle smile that stood in stark contrast to her eyes as she met his gaze and held it, and held it, and held it, until he looked down and away, shaking his head no.

Neither Widows nor Orphans

Mycroft staggered back to his feet, ordering his men at-ease with a sharp gesture, after John's unexpected right-hook at the funeral.

Three lives, and his brother's strange and fragile heart, hung in the balance of this deception. John's grief was unseemly, but no one witnessing his performance could doubt that Sherlock Holmes was dead.

You should all come play, it's fun!