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Audience Participation: Fic-Writing Edition

A little over half-way through the July Writing Prompts challenge over at Watson's Woes, and it seems like a good time for this. Grokked via akamine_chan:

Ask me a question about one of my fics or series. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will tell you the honest-to-goodness answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series).

Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I’ll answer as truthfully and as completely as possible. You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.



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Jul. 19th, 2014 08:30 pm (UTC)
About watson's woes or your writing in general: Do you find it easy writing for prompts? And how do proceed when you get a prompt? (Basically tell me all about your writing process that you're comfortable with. *g*)
Jul. 25th, 2014 10:04 pm (UTC)
My apologies for taking so long to get back to you!

Yes, writing to prompts is the easiest way for me to write, although not every prompt will work. My most productive writing periods have been when I was given weekly writing prompts. This month's daily prompts are a bit too fast, since I can't go through the research and editing process I'd like, but it's good to help me get back into the flow of writing.

I also tend to write well with restrictions. Word limits, formatting restrictions, requirements to remix a particular fic - finding my way around the limits tends to get my creative juices flowing. I do love writing drabbles and 221Bs!

I'm one of those lazy writers who lets their subconscious do the heavy lifting. I essentially read a prompt, toss it into the part of my brain dedicated to that fandom, and see what Muse takes a swing at it.

You see, I create internal models of people, to predict their future behavior based on their past behavior. It's a learned coping strategy since, as an Aspie, I find people deeply perplexing. A fantastic bonus of that is that I find it very easy to create models of fictional characters, based on their canonical behavior. So my 'Muses' are the internal models I've created of various fictional characters.

So I get character voice pretty much for free. It works brilliantly for short pieces. Longer stories, my process gets pretty chaotic, since I end up getting inspiration for bits of character interactions, piece meal, and then sewing them together and building a plot around them. It's like quilting! There's a fantastic due South story, 'Hawks and Hands', that has the summary: Eighteen sex scenes strung together with angst and hockey. My long fics are conversations strung together with plot and action. Or sometimes angst and introspection. Depends on the flavor.

I'll typically find the opening scene, then the climax, then gradually fill in the rest. It ends up with odd situations where I'll write a scene with a lot of tension, where the two characters are very upset with each other, but have no idea what they are so upset about. Until one of them fills me in a week later and I can go back to write the earlier scene. *shrugs* It's odd, but it works for me.
Jul. 19th, 2014 09:19 pm (UTC)
I want to know more about the SPN story you wrote for the Racebending Challenge - the one in which the boys are Romani. (Sorry, I'm not remembering the name of the story :( )
Jul. 25th, 2014 10:14 pm (UTC)
O Drom si Baro! (No shame in not remembering titles in foreign languages.)

I'd done a lot of research into Romani culture for an online RP character. When the Racebending Challenge was issued, I was writing SPN exclusively. At first glance, the Winchesters seemed like such a natural fit. Life on the road, Dean's attachment to his car, some of the supernatural mythology fit in so well with the Rom culture that it seemed an obvious fit.

I really liked what I wrote, but I don't think I'd ever write any more in that verse. Why? Its too much like hard work.

Canon would be completely transformed by the shift of them from white boys to Rom - in a positive way. Supernatural is a story about two young men who are isolated and have only each other. The Sam and Dean in my family would always have their family (and I don't mean a single-household, but an entire extended family, a clan, a people) to rely upon and protect.

If I were to write more, it would be a pretty extreme AU, in which the existing racial bias against the American Romani is intensified, demons trying to pit main-stream America against them, because the various religions aren't a real threat to them anymore (How many priests could perform an exorcism?) but the Romani are.
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