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Watson's Woe's JWP 2015 Master Post

These are the 32 Sherlock Holmes stories I wrote this month, as part of the watsons_woes July Writing Prompts challenge. I managed to write and post a fic every day, and either met or was just a few minutes past each 24-hour deadline. I've bolded my own personal favorites!

Comments and kudos are always welcome, and I would especially appreciate con-crit, since these didn't have the benefit of a beta. Or respond to this post, and we can chat about your experience of this year's JWP challenge.

ACD Sherlock Holmes

#8: A Man's Nature     LJ      AO3
Mrs and Dr Watson discuss the outcome of a trial. 221b

#15: The Captain's Widow     LJ      AO3
A much-needed lesson on the proper treatment of the fairer sex. 500 words

#16: Burnt to Ash     LJ      AO3
Fire reveals a woman's, or a man's, priorities. It reveals, and it destroys. 764 words


#2: Respiratory, Perfusion, Mental Status      LJ     AO3
Watson was trained for this eventuality. 250 words

#15b: A Strong Swimmer      LJ     AO3
Due to ethical constraints, the 'nature versus nurture' debate vis-à-vis human children will never be rigorously investigated. 580 words

#20: Choose Your Battleground      LJ     AO3
In the aftermath of the bombing, Joan proved that her training had prepared her to save lives in more ways than one. Takes place after Respiratory, Perfusion, Mental Status 900 words

#21: Beat the Heat (Not the Meat)      LJ     AO3
Sherlock's sexual regimen may require some modification, in light of today's experience. 614 words

#23: Safety Tips for a Woman Jogging Alone at Night      LJ     AO3
When Joan got her first job, her mom gave her an article that included 15 tips for women out in the city at night. Tonight, one of those tips saved her life. 100 words

#28: Sherlock's Thinking Face      LJ     AO3
The child advocate had apparently worked with Sherlock before, because she ordered him to stand in the corner and not say a word to that traumatized little girl. 450 words and one image

#31: The aesthetics of the fall      LJ     AO3
Father always could see right through me. 400 words

BBC Sherlock

#1: Waiting on SCO19     LJ      AO3
Sherlock doesn't take part in team-building, but he does tend to inspire it. 100 words

#3: Decay is Eloquent      LJ      AO3
The killer hadn't accounted for the unseasonable heat wave. 468 words

#4: The Case of the Mother from Madrid     LJ     AO3
The agreement over when and how Sherlock's allowed to interrupt John's sleep cycle needs to be re-negotiated. Again. 550 words

#5: Natural Allies     LJ      AO3
The bare mattress and the feel of his own oily, tangled hair reminded Sherlock of his days as a junkie. 221b

#6: Ride the Tiger     LJ      AO3
John and Moran make first contact with the Moriarty group. 500 words

#7: His damp touch     LJ      AO3
He covets Sherlock's hands. 282 words. Mind the warnings!

#9: Playing God     LJ      AO3
No one questioned my decision in the moment, or at any time afterwards. 221b

#10: Whistleblower     LJ      AO3
Sally's dad was IA. Lestrade was the only DI she'd ever met that didn't hold it against her. Perhaps he should have. 680 words

#11: A Good Coat     LJ      AO3
When going out in winter, take the proper precautions. 100 words

#12: Blessed are those who hear the word of Dog and obey     LJ      AO3
The neighbour's dog had been barking at Sherlock ever since they stepped into the back garden. 100 words

#13: John's Friend Bird     LJ      AO3
Harry sent him some old school things, after Sherlock - after. To try and cheer him up. It didn't work out so well. Image, 25 words

#14: The 'Just Because' Gift     LJ      AO3
John was curious to see what Sherlock considered a romantic gift. 715 words

#17: The Terrible True Tale of the Private's Privates     LJ      AO3
Sherlock's gift hadn't convinced John to talk about his experiences in Afghanistan, but a bottle of well-aged Scotch should do the trick. Sequel to The 'Just Because' Gift. 800 words

#18: Yellow Car Cab     LJ      AO3
It might as well be part of The Knowledge. Every London cab-driver knows why its worth swerving across two lanes of traffic to pick up Sherlock Holmes. 500 words

#19: Bodily Awareness     LJ      AO3
John would later tell Sherlock that he'd been drugged and not fully woken up until he was already kitted out in the bomb vest. It wasn't quite true. 221b

#22: Michigan Hardcore     LJ      AO3
Even at his lowest point, John can't resist a mysterious call for help. 960 words

#24: The Late, Unlamented, Mr Hudson     LJ      AO3
Sherlock's explanation of how he met Mrs Hudson wasn't a lie, exactly, but he did leave out some important details. 1625 words

#25: The Perils of RPF     LJ      AO3
Sherlock's habit of tracking back links to his website has some unintended consequences. 550 words

#26: Tiny, jumper-wearing, rage-machine     LJ      AO3
Lestrade had worried about John, after Sherlock's suicide. But now that Sherlock was back, he assumed John was fine. 850 words

#27: A Breed Apart     LJ      AO3
"How can John be having a birthday dinner? All his friends hate him." - Sherlock Holmes 525 words

#29: Fur and Flesh     LJ      AO3
Once Sherlock figured out John's secret, things quickly returned to normal. At least, they both tried to pretend that it had. 640 words

#30: Unknown number     LJ      AO3
John once told Sherlock that people don't have arch-enemies, in real life. Tonight may prove him wrong. 580 words