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Fandom stocking!

Since I didn't sign up for Yuletide this year, I decided to try out Fandom Stocking. If anyone feels like giving or creating a treat, you can find my stocking here.

I requested:
Orange is the New Black: Suzanne, Poussey, Sophia, Nicky, Red, any femme-slash pairing
Bluestone 42: Bird, Faruq, Towerblock
Vikings: Ragnar/Lagertha, Ragnar/Lagertha/Athelstan, Ragnar/Athelstan. Floki is also fantastic!
Dexter: Dexter, Deb, gen or incestuous. Batista and Laguerta for gen.
due South: Fraser/RayK
Sherlock: John/Sherlock, John/Mary/Sherlock. Mycroft and Mrs Hudson would also be fun.
Highlander (TV): Duncan/Methos, Duncan/Methos, Methos/Amanda, and Joe. So much Joe!
Star Trek (AOS or TOS): Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura
Avengers: Steve/Bucky, Natasha, Stark, War Machine, Falcon
SGA: John/Rodney, Teyla, Aiden, Ronon

Fic Likes: AUs, including omegaverse, BDSM, and Sentinel AUs, crossovers, original characters, poly relationships, plot, witty banter, teamfic, world-building, character development, porn, PoC and women, queer and trans characters, 1st person POV, unreliable narrators, dub-con, angst and dark-fic with hard-won happy endings or redemption

Fic Dislikes: Mpreg, kidfic, crack, character-bashing, fluff

Anything Extra:? I will happily accept seasonal and holiday greetings from any culture. I like pictures of natural beauty. And dogs. Because dogs are awesome!