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dS Snippet: Cats and Dogs

Title: Cats and Dogs
Fandom and Characters: dS, RayK, Stella, Fraser
Rating: G
Length: 234 words
Challenge: ds_snippets Amnesty Challenge #1:
Your personal conviction's fierce
It's been in your family for years
Notes: beta'd by nos4a2no9

So, Stella and Fraser hate each other's guts.

Not like that's a shock. I'm an expert on the Stella, and ten minutes after meeting Fraser I could tell the two of 'em would get along like cats and dogs. Only, the problem isn't that they're opposites. They're just too much alike.


Always right.

Even when they're not.

And you cannot have two people like that in the same place at the same time. It just doesn't work.

I mean, if Stella said the Sun rises in the East, Fraser'd say it doesn't, and he'd have some freaky Inuit story to prove it.

Yeah, there they go. Stella's getting fierce; mouth turned down, leaning forward into Fraser's space. Fraser's got his hands clasped behind his back. He's pulling out the big words now, extra polite, a fixed smile on his face like somebody's pissed on his flag.

"Isn't that right, Constable?" Stella says, all cocky.

Fraser's hands drift forward as he gets this little glitter in his eye. "In point of fact, Stella,"

"Fraser!" I yell. They both turn and glare daggers at me. Yikes.

"We gotta go! There's that thing, at the place…" Stella's sneering. Fraser just looks confused. "With bad guys!"

I drag him out of the ring. One day I'll be a little too slow, and one of them'll ask me to take sides. And that …

That's just gonna suck.