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The Shield Snippet: All This Could Be Yours

Fandom/Character: The Shield, Steve Billings
Rating: PG
Length: 298 words
Challenge: ds_snippets's Challenge #12: "Ownership"
Spoilers: Episode 5x01, "Extraction"

Acting Captain Billings stood in the corner of his office, looking down at the floor of the Barn. All this was his. Thirty unis, twelve detectives, and four Strike Team jocks. A cage full of perps and a 17% budget cut. A new suit that still, as he turned his head and sniffed, smelled like puke. Billings took the suit jacket off and hung it on the back of his chair.

He had a hot little Chicana rookie. Billings had picked that fairy, Julien, for her Training Officer, but she was still a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. He had a knocked-up cop-secretary who figured she ran the place, Mackey who was convinced he did run the place, and Wyms and Wagenbach, both smugly certain they'd do a better job if they were running the place.

He had a cracked tooth from when Dutch went after him in the parking lot. The dentist said he'd need a crown; $700 bucks out of pocket, all because the guy couldn't take a joke.

Today he had three murder victims, a school riot, a threatened police brutality case, a ten-year-old murder suspect in the ICU, and nine felony cases he hadn't even gotten around to assigning any detectives to yet.

'Just be a team player,' Phillips had told him. 'Keep a lid on things here at the Barn for six months.' Six months, and he could take his 15-year pension at a captain's pay grade. He'd jumped at the chance.

Billings had three months to go. All he had to do was keep Farmington out of the papers. No race wars. No corruption charges. No Mackey getting caught doing…whatever it was Mackey did – and he did not want to know. No high-profile fuck-ups. No dead cops.

He was so screwed.