keerawa (keerawa) wrote,

HL Drabble: Tightrope

Fandom and Characters: Highlander - Duncan/Amanda
Thanks to: My esteemed beta, killabeez, for helping me delicately prune 290 words down to 100.
Prompt: "Reflex Action" for highlander100, Challenge 139

Duncan's hands sweated under the rosin, and he felt distinctly underdressed in his bright orange tights. The Amazing Amanda's act was almost over when a juggling pin escaped their cascade. She reached, leaning off the tightrope while the audience gasped.

And she'd warned him, she had, but red hair and a cliff's edge flashed in Duncan's memory and he couldn't control the reflexive grab for Amanda's arm that made the false stumble real. Amanda plummeted into the net far below. She bounced out, bowing to thunderous applause.

Something about the set of her shoulders made Duncan wish for his sword.
Tags: drabble, fic, highlander
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