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We're observing Memorial Day this week in the United States. It's a day to remember the sacrifices our servicemen and women have made in defense of their country. A day to remember fallen soldiers.

And it's made me think of the Commando's Prayer, written during WWII, and adopted by the British Special Forces.
Give me, my God, what you still have;
give me what no one asks for.
I do not ask for wealth, nor success,
nor even health.

People ask you so often, God, for all that,
that you cannot have any left.

Give me, my God, what you still have.
Give me what people refuse to accept from you.
I want insecurity and disquietude;
I want turmoil and brawl.

And if you should give them to me,
my God, once and for all,
let me be sure to have them always,
for I will not always
have the courage to ask for them.

- Corporal Zirnheld, Special Air Service 1942

So, I thought I'd issue a Challenge. Create something inspired by this prayer: a fic, a vid, a piece of artwork. Any length, any characters.

Want to explore Malcolm Reynolds' time with the Brownshirts? MacLeod's service as an ambulance driver? Why Ray Vecchio joined the CPD? Gunn's need to protect his community? Real People are fine and dandy, too.

Try to create it within the next two weeks, by Monday June 11, and post a link to your work here in the comments.