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Ask Away Meme

Gakked from ithildyn.

Ask me anything you want about any of my stories: how I thought of the idea, what I did to write it, what I was thinking when I wrote it, what I feel about it now, what I wish I'd done differently, etc. Or ask any of the characters from particular stories something you want to know, and get an answer from them. Or both.

I've done meta from Joe Dawson's POV, so I'm up for anything.


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Jun. 9th, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)
Hola! I'm still fascinated by that handsome and mysterious J-P...Jean Pierre has so many intriguing facets. In your most recent HL story, Joe takes himself to a pretty dark place. Even Methos is somewhat appalled. After J-P talks to Joe...what is his instinct? To hide his tracks from the Watcher? Orwait it out, a la Methos? Or plan C?

Or, an alternate scenario--what would have happened if Methos had picked up the phone when Jean-Pierre called?
Jun. 9th, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
I just reread that phone conversation from The Secret War. Whew.

Jean-Pierre is freaked out. Joe gave him absolutely no information about what's going on, but it's clear ha has intentionally isolated himself. His voice was cold, dark, and angry. JP has spent enough time with people who are in exremis to recognize that voice.

Jean-Pierre guesses this has something to do with Horton, based on no evidence at all. He's torn about what to do. On the one hand, he loves and admires Joe, and wants to help. Calling Duncan would seem an obvious move, and he could get that number from Grace. But Joe was very clear about not wanting any help, and Jean-Pierre truly believes it is wrong to interfere in Mortal affairs. This isn't just his friend's problem. The story Joe told him is one of the Great Stories of a generation, a battle for the soul of the Watchers.

So, Jean-Pierre explains to Katie just how worried he is about Joe. He asks her about this "mutual friend" of Joe and Duncan's who was with Alexa. Sounds like someone who might be able to help. (Katie doesn't have Adam's number, but when he calls the bar the next day, she gives him an earful of information.) He tries to get Maria, his own Watcher, to talk to him about the situation. And he invokes the help of the lwa.

Jean-Pierre is rather fatalistic about danger from Mortals, so he wouldn't try to disappear. He isn't even sure if he'd kill one of the Hunters to save his own life, at this point.

If Methos had picked up the phone, nothing would have happened. Both are too cautious to reveal much to strangers. If Methos were reading Dawson's reports closely enough to recognize JP, it would just make him even more careful.
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