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dS Podfic: 4 Snippets Up, 4 Snippets Down

Fandom, Characters: Due South; Diefenbaker, Fraser, RayK, Stella, Dead!Bob, and a cat
Rating: PG-13 for occasional bad language, innuendo, and mature themes.
Disclaimer: Alliance/Atlantis owns these characters. I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Format 2 zipped MP3s, each about 9 minutes and 6megs in length
Dedicated to: The fabulous slidellra, she of the sordid, cool, and dangerous dinner.

You have two podfics to choose from:

4 Snippets Up, is a collection of fun, comic, and cheerful snippets: The Thrill of the Hunt, Burning Down the Locker Room, The Return of Nautilus, and The Case of the Missing Stetson.

4 Snippets Down is its dark mirror, for the angst-fans. This collection includes Leashed, Photographic Memory, Bright Shiny Penny, and Outside the Tent.


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Sep. 5th, 2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
Nice, more podfic from you! I especially liked "The Case of the Missing Stetson", it made me giggle. And you read gorgeously, but I'm sure I've said that before.
Sep. 6th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
Thanks luzula! It's fun trying to convey the same tricks with my voice that I can in text, using italics, bold, new lines, etc. "The Case of the Missing Stetson" is just goofy. And please feel free to say nice things to me as often as the urge strikes you, I never get tired of positive feedback on my work!
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