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HL fanfiction and vid index

I invite people to remix my stories, use my original characters, recycle my plots, and create derivative works based on my writing. My only requirement is that the author include a link back to the story where they got the idea.

The Price of Interference
Joe Dawson: Watcher, Vietnam vet, bartender, bluesman ... assassin? Joe overhears a conversation never meant for his ears. The consequences will require him to reveal old secrets, face his personal demons, and take care of an unstable Immortal. (36k words)

The Secret War
In this sequel to "The Price of Interference", Joe and Methos take on the Hunters. (24k words)

Clint Eastwood
Methos wants to be happy. Kronos wants MacLeod dead. The story doesn't end the way you might think.

The Battle of Evermore
MacLeod wrestles with Methos's Horseman past.

Crown of Thorns
Duncan MacLeod, a Dark Quickening, and love.

Life Among the Watchers
Joe Dawson is caught between the Watchers and Immortals.

Short Stories:
Immortal Survivors
How do men become monsters? How do Watchers become Hunters? Just relax. Doctor Ung will explain everything.

From the Mangled Journal of Richie Ryan
Richie Ryan starts a diary. Short and humorous.

Desert Mirage (Sympathy for the Devil Remix) After the events of Archangel, MacLeod is lured to Las Vegas. Written for the 2007 remix_redux, and is a remix of teresa_c's Desert Mirage. I suggest that both be read together at one sitting. (R)

Destination Unknown
In the aftermath of Archangel, Richie Ryan has a choice to make.

February in New Orleans
Methos makes plans to celebrate Mardi Gras as New Orleans recovers from Hurricane Katrina. (DM/M)

Highland Rains
A blustery Seacouver morning reminds MacLeod of his early years in the Highlands. (DM, Connor, Methos)

Olive branch
Methos recalls the death of his wife and family during the Crusades.

Methos is among the first to realize that the Gathering has already begun.

Your Lips Say No
Amanda/Tessa PWP (NC-17)

Death and Taxes
Methos claims he hasn't felt guilt since the 11th century. Then again, Methos lies a lot. Snippet written for amonitrate's "Death and Taxes" challenge.

All That's Best of Dark and Bright
Methos remembers two very different lovers. (Methos/Byron, Methos/Alexa) Written for pat_t's "One Year Anniversary" challenge.

Truth and Dare
A tag for "The Cross of St. Antoine." (Joe/Amanda) Written for amberleewriter's Joe and Amanda Are Love challenge.

Milady's Tale (Highlander-Three Musketeers, Amanda) Once upon a time, Cardinal Richelieu was First Minister of France, d'Artagnan dreamed of becoming a Musketeer, and Amanda was known as Milady de Winter. Written for raine_wynd in the 2008 HLH exchange. (PG)

The Class of 2014
The session was marked on everyone's schedule, but where there should have been a title and summary, it just said REQUIRED. Timestamp to the Dawson Chronicles and gryphonrhi's Handled With a Chain. (Gen) Written for the hl_chronicles Timestamp Challenge.

After Nick's Flight
Amanda/Nick drabble

Methos drabble written in response to the Source Synopsis, and for the highlander100 Challenge #89 "Methos Lives!" challenge.

Eye of the Storm
Amanda drabble written for the highlander100 Challenge#90 "Change"

A Werewolf in Paris
Cross-over drabble written for the highlander100 Challenge#95 "Smell".

A Note From Warren
Warren Cocharane writes to Duncan. Written for the highlander100 Challenge#108 "Alea Iacta Est – The Point of No Return".

A Moment to Reflect
Joe drabble written for the highlander100 Challenge#108 "Alea Iacta Est – The Point of No Return".

Darius's Stallion
Darius drabble written for the highlander100 Challenge#109 "Sex". Monk kink!

Sands of Time
Cassandra drabble written for the highlander100 Challenge#110 "Insanity".

Dia de los Muertos
Duncan remembers Tessa. Written for the highlander100 Challenge#114 "All Hallow's Eve".

Some Things a Holy Spring Can't Fix
Joe calls Richie after the Dark Quickening. Written for the highlander100 Challenges #115 "Missing Chronicles VIII", and #26 "Dialogue"

Faded Glory
Duncan and Linda Plager drabble written in response to the highlander100 Challenge#120 "The Lie in the Looks".

Adam Pierson, late one night in Watcher HQ. Written in response to the highlander100 Challenge:#122 "Dark, Light, and Shadow".

During the vows, she found his name was Antonio
Amanda gets into some trouble in Italy during the war. Written for the highlander100 Challenge #126 - "Shotgun Wedding".

Adam and Don drabble. Written for the highlander100 Challenge #135 - "Stress Relief".

Duncan/Amanda drabble. Written for the highlander100 Challenge #139 - "Reflex Action".

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