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15 Questions Vidding Meme

sdwolfpup tagged me for this one. I figure it's a good way to emerge from my post-con Fortress of Solitude.

1.)When did you first start vidding?
May 2006.

2) What would you say was your inspiration or motivation to start doing it?
I've always loved music. If you ask me, any time of the day or night, what song is in my head? I'll have one, and I'll tell you what it is. Music has a tremendous impact on my emotions. I had only realized that there was such a thing as fanvids a couple of months earlier, when I followed a link on killabeez's website from her fic (that I loved) to her vids (which I soon came to love).

I heard a song that grabbed on to me and shouted, "I must be a Methos vid! With Kronos! And weirdness!" Since nobody else was likely to make that vid, I was forced to do it myself. Luckily, I didn't know about vidding auctions at that point, or I would have just paid through the nose for somebody else to make the damn thing.

3) What do you or have you vidded?
Highlander, due South, Farscape, Jeremiah, and a few unpublished *ahem* attempts in BSG, Andromeda, SGA, and Firefly.

4) Where do you draw your inspiration from for vids? Is it the song? An idea? Someone else?
Always the song. If it sounds viddable and evokes a particular mood in me, I'll start thinking what fandoms or characters might fit that mood. For example, the song "New Genious" has a dark, spooky, almost techno sound that made me think of either CSI or Torchwood. Both have a clash between science and emotion, which sounds like what the song is about. Then I'll listen to the lyrics for an intellectual match, once I've got an emotional one.

5) What was your favorite video to make or do?
Its hard to say. Vidding is a huge emotional roller-coaster for me. I get really, really excited during parts, and become convinced this vid is the best one I've ever made. Then (generally after I send it off to be beta'd) I start noticing all the things that don't work, and get very frustrated and upset.

Alienation is probaby the vid that caused me the least torment, so I'll got with that one.

6) What was your least favorite video to make or do?
That would be my unpublished, unfinished dysfuctional Rodney/John vid. Even during the honeymoon phase, we had issues. Then I upgraded my vidding software and had big technical issues with it. Eventually, I gave up on it completely.

7) Which video are you most proud of?
I really like Train to Jackson. It shows the arc of an entire 4 season show, is clear in terms of story-telling and emotion, doesn't have any big errors I'm aware of, and even has a happy ending. Yay!

Or possibly Fallen Leaves, because it is just so different than anything else I've seen in the fandom.

8) What's the best feedback or comment you've ever gotten?
I really, really love it when people a) tell me they've rewatched the vid and b) tell me their favorite bits.

9.)What is your opinion on clip theft?
Knowing how much work people put into editing the clips the use, I think its a major issue. If it were raw footage, so to speak, then my only problem with it is that it's against the mores of the community.

10) Favorite genre to vid to (comedy, angst, romance, drama, AU)?
Plotty vids. Of course, its nearly impossible for people to figure out the plot by watching my vids, but I know in my heart they ARE plotty vids.

11) Favorite pairing(s)?
For vidding? None in particular.

12) What just drives you up the wall when it comes to vidding?
It never comes out quite the way I pictured it in my head. Ever.

13) Is vidding a pastime, hobby or something to help gain experience to do more later in life?
It's something I do now and then as a creative expression.

14) What is your latest project or idea for your next vid if your muse isn't dead?
I've got several ideas. Probably the top two on my list are a vid about Hiro from 'Heroes', and a recruitment vid for 'The Unit'.

15) Finally, what kind of words of wisdom would you offer someone who wants to vid/ is a newbie?
Wait for an idea to come along that simply MUST be vidded, because it will carry you through the steep learning curve.


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Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
It never comes out quite the way I pictured it in my head. Ever.

That's an excellent answer - I can entirely relate to that.

BTW, your pimping of "The Unit" at the con totally worked on me. I've added it to my Watch list!
Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
It drives me nuts. My stories I'm almost always happy with them when I re-read. My vids? I see the imperfections. Grrr.

I think you'll really like The Unit. It has an amazing ensemble cast, very clever writing, and a perfect mix of episodic stories out in the field with story arcs back home.
Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
a vid about Hiro from 'Heroes'

Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:22 pm (UTC)
YAY! It's sort of a strange idea, with the future-Hiro speaking to the present one, trying to convince him to make the necessary changes in the timeline.

I'm just waiting to get up the energy to start it off. Encouragement is very helpful, thanks!
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