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Drabble Remixes Revealed!

I'm a little late off the mark here, but remixthedrabble authors were revealed on Monday.

nos4a2no9 showed Ray's take on Black Ice in Black Ice (The Slippery Slope Remix). I particularly liked Ray's near-death experience. Check it out!

exeterlinden remixed my F/V snippet Outage into a quiet, exhausted, painful In the Dark (Easier Forgotten Remix).

I wrote the following four pinch-hits for the challenge. Yay for inspiration at the last moment!

Waiting Makes It Worse (The Manny's Pub Remix) is a due South RayK/Stella piece set in the final days of their marriage, a remix of exeterlinden's Break Up the Family.

The City Never Sleeps (The Geologic Timescale Remix) is a SGA drabble remix of Brevity by iamsab.

Alphas (The Voyeuristic Remix) is a remix of isiscolo's stick-fighting SGA story Alpha Males.

Seduction via Ambush (The Self-Involved Remix) is a slightly dark remix of malnpudl's Giles/Wesley snippet Footplay.