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Holiday Story Exchange letter

Hello! I am so very excited to have you writing something for me. Or possibly vidding. Which would be splendiferous!

Here are a few more rambling thoughts, in case you're in need of inspiration.

F/K is my favorite pairing. I'm in the mood for a story where the love/romance/sex isn't the only thing going on. Maybe there's a case, a visiting friend, a road trip, or a zombie apocolypse. Yeah. Character backstory interests me greatly. I like reading about minor or original characters. So feel free to make Fraser's CO up in Inuvik a major part of the story, if that strikes your fancy. Or tell me what happens when Smithbauer find our Fraser and Ray are a couple.

Gen is also a good thing. I mentioned that a gen vid would be a nice gift. There could be one about Welsh! Or Frannie! Or Dead!Bob! Or about the children of due South! Or Fraser, RayK and RayV's relationship's with their fathers! *wriggles with excitement*

I enjoy reading G up through NC-17. It's really difficult to squick me, sexually or with any type of scenario. I'd like an at least somewhat happy ending, but I love angst and dark-fic, so let your Muses go Dark Side if they head thatta way.

I'm very fond of AUs. Seriously, you can stick RayK and Fraser together anywhere , anywhen, and I'll enjoy it. I have one peculiar little squick when it comes to AUs - I don't like having the entire cast show up unless there's a good reason for them to be there. For some reason that messes with my suspension of disbelief.

I also mentioned Diefenbaker specifically, because that half-wolf is one hell of a character. I'd love to read anything about him, or from his POV.

One other thing that just occurred to me - if you'd like to write a sequel or remix to a DS story I've written, that'd be shiny. Because I'm fascinated by the way a story can grow and change as we pass it around and bring our own POV to it.

And if you want to write something not on this list, that's fine! Just, as I mentioned in my original request, no kidfic (scary!), pure crack, or a PWP without any hint of character development or plot.

I'm sure I'll love whatever you create for me, thank you!


Oct. 22nd, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
After long thought, I have decided that I can see felching being hot as part of a threesome.

I...okay, yeah, I can kind of see that. And now I'm wondering where all the OTP3 felching fic is!