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2008 Writing Round-Up

I've been working on this thing for the past two weeks, whenever I had a few minutes to spare. No meme yet, but here's the Round-up!

Due South:

F/K AU novella in which Fraser is a contract-killer, and Detective Ray Kowalski has to stop him before he kills again. Written for the ds_harlequin challenge. 15.7 words (R)

December, 1988
Officer Ray Kowalski's first citation. 741 words. (PG-13)

Vid: Don't Tell Me
Ray signed the divorce papers for Stella, but that doesn't mean he stopped loving her.

Field Training
Patrolman Ray Vecchio gets a lesson in community policing, Chicago style. 563 words. (PG-13)

From the Office of AD Kirti Singh
Fraser goes to a woman he barely knows for assistance on an urgent matter. 300 words. (G)

Ren's Post-Valentine's Menu
Turnbull sends a very special invitation to Ray Vecchio. Created for lipstickcat. Not many words, a spicy PG.

Réveillé (The Night Terrors Remix)
F/K Remix of etben's Looking written for remixredux08. 1.6k words. (NC-17)

Strangely Familiar
Diefenbaker isn't sure what to make of this scent-mark. 300 words. (G)

Sounds of Spring
Half-drabble written for bringthehappy. 50 words. (G)

Sunlight and Superpowers
Pre-teen RayK/Stella snippet. 300 words. (G)

F/K. Fraser is forced to take extreme measures during a dangerous confrontation. 3.4k words. (PG)

F/K. When Gerome Laferette offers to cast a love spell on Ray, Fraser refuses to even consider it - at first.3.2k words (PG)

Victoria Valentine
This note from Victoria to Fraser somehow appeared in lipstickcat's mailbox. 269 words. (PG)

Violets at Christmas
Frannie/Elaine kissing ficlet written for the More Joy Day Multi-fandom Kissing Fest. 400 words. (PG)

Waiting Makes It Worse (The Manny's Pub Remix)
RayK/Stella Remix of exeterlinden's Break up the family written for remixthedrabble. 323 words. (G)

When the Walls Close In
RayK isn't enjoying asylum in the Consulate. 300 words. (PG)

A Woman of Ambition
Thatcher/OFC. Fraser has a late-night visitor. 300 words. (PG)

Other Fandoms:

Alphas (The Voyeuristic Remix) (SGA)
Remix of isiscolo's Alpha Males written for remixthedrabble. 100 words. (G)

Anna's Drunken Monologue (Slings & Arrows)
Anna wouldn't normally complain, but ... 300 words. (PG)

The City Never Sleeps (The Geologic Time Remix) (SGA)
Remix of iamsab's Brevity written for remixthedrabble. 100 words. (G)

Daddy's Little Girl (Veronica Mars, Keith Mars)
Sometimes Keith worries about his daughter. Written for boxathon. 1.2 k words. (PG).

Not So Civil (NCIS, Ziva)
Election Day drabble written for malnpudl and other No on Proposition 8.

Milady's Tale (Highlander-Three Musketeers crossover)
Once upon a time, Cardinal Richelieu was First Minister of France, d'Artagnan dreamed of becoming a Musketeer, and Amanda was known as Milady de Winter. Written for raine_wynd in the 2008 HLH exchange. 4.9k words. (PG)

Seduction via Ambush (The Self-Involved Remix) (BtVS, Giles/Wesley)
Remix of malnpudl's Footplay written for remixthedrabble. 333 words. (R)

Time is a Circle (BSG, Leoben/Kara)
Leoben celebrates his time with Kara. 300 words. (PG-13)

Vid: Undying(Torchwood)
If this were a horror film, Jack would be the monster.

26 pieces of work, of which 17 are due South, 2 SGA, 1 BSG, 1 BtVS, 1 Veronica Mars, 1 Slings & Arrows, 1 NCIS, 1 Torchwood, and 1 Highlander re-telling of the Three Musketeers. Also, a partridge and a pear tree.
About 38k words, not counting the vids and the pictorial dinner menu.

I'll get to the meme when I can, sometime in the next week or so.
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