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Microfic Meme, Diefenbaker-style.

I have decided to try my hand at nos4a2no9's microfic meme. Just to add an extra spin, here are 12 Diefenbaker microfics - 30 words or less of each genre!

The trail was cold, but not as cold as the little girl when they finally found her under the ice.

Pack-Ben said they would chase their prey to the ends of the earth, and they had. The sand blizzard couldn't shake them from Gerard's scent, and neither would the heat.

Turnbull was a gracious host, and an excellent cook. So Diefenbaker was willing to overlook the tentacles.

When Ben warned me the wizard Harry Dresden would be taking refuge in the Consulate that night, he failed to mention the Cat.

My howl echoed back from brick and concrete. There was no one left to howl with me.

Episode Related
No, boss, I've been here, taking a nap, all day. Why do you ask?

First time
I am tied to a sled with leather straps. They itch. He says, "Hup." I lie down in the snow and wait.

A full belly, a roaring fire, pack-Ben and pack-Ray entwined nearby.

I used to hunt, here in Chicago, but Krispy Kremes are tastier than rats, and easier to catch.

He stands frozen long after the plane disappears into the sky, a bearberry caught by first frost. I whine and nudge his hand.

The bitch's heat-scent calls me, pulls me, burns through me, muzzle, brain, and blood. She turns away, panting and open.

Doubly forbidden
Behind glass and under shell
Untasted turtle.


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