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due South Snippet Recs Masterlist

As many of you know, I love short-fic. I love writing them, and I love reading them. So I've been reccing like a fiend for the ds_snippets Rec-a-thon Challenge. It's amazing what you can do with 300 words. These are joyous, terrifying, thought-provoking snippets. Here's my Masterlist of my favorites, and you should all check out the other recs over at ds_snippets.

Author's LJ: mizface
Fandom/Characters: due South; Ma Vecchio
Link to story: A Ray by Any Other Name
Why I love this snippet: Here's an Insta-Rec! In the first sentence, mizface instantly orients you to both the subject and object of the snippet, not an easy thing to do. There just isn't enough Ma Vecchio fic out there, and this one explores, in < 300 words, her relationship with the man assigned to pretend to be her son.

Author's LJ: luzula
Fandom/Characters: due South; Bob Fraser
Link to story: Slipping
Why I love this snippet: Luzula often writes about members of Fraser's family. This one, a snapshot of Bob Fraser shortly after Caroline's death, provides a moving character study of a character more often played for laughs in both fic and canon.

Author's LJ: brigantine
Fandom/Characters: due South; Fraser, Ma Kowalski, Ray Kowalski
Link to story: Son of Zorro
Why I love this snippet: Fraser shows up at Ray's apartment and is cornered by Ray's mother. Absolutely adorable. *snickers*

Author's LJ: kill_claudio
Fandom/Pairing: due South; Fraser/Kowalski
Link to story: Shattered Light
Why I love this snippet: This is a plotty set of haiku. (?!? I know!!!) The imagery in it blows me away, and the progression, month by month, is satisfying yet angsty.

Author's LJ: slidellra
Fandom/Pairing: due South; Fraser/Victoria
Link to story: Purgatory
Why I love this snippet: I love this one for its uniquely dark vision of where Fraser's drive for justice and a touch of Magical Realism might lead.

Author's LJ: llassah
Fandom/Pairing: Slings&Arrows; Geoffrey Tennant
Link to story: Seeing Angels
Why I love this snippet: I don't love this snippet. It rather terrifies me, actually. Geoffrey's madness, so compellingly drawn that you can smell their singed wings.

Author's LJ: spuffyduds
Fandom/Pairing: due South; Frasker/Kowalski
Link to story: The Last Step is to the Side
Why I love this snippet: I've always had a soft-spot for post-apocalyptic stories. Spuffyduds manages to capture the terrible beauty of the genre, with Fraser's own unique perspective, in under 200 words.

Author's LJ: 2_4_joy
Fandom: due South
Link to story: Tracking Bunnies
Why I love this snippet: Fraser tries to teach Ray Vecchio some tracking skills. This one just makes me laugh.

Author's LJ: malnpudl
Fandom: due South
Link to story: Bent
Why I love this snippet: This piece of backstory for Ray Kowalski is incredibly evocative, hot, and so very subtle.

Author's LJ: abbeybanks
Fandom: due South
Link to story: "Five Years Ago and Three Thousand Miles Away"
Why I love this snippet: I dearly love angsty stories. This snippet captures Fraser's regrets so very, very clearly. When I left Ray, and returned to Canada...

Author's LJ: belmanoir
Fandom: due South
Link to story: Welcome
Why I love this snippet: I've always wanted to see how Fraser and Ray Vecchio's friendship recovered after the Victoria debacle. Belmanoir explores that, in all it's angsty, guilty, angry and forgiving glory, as Fraser visits the Vecchio home for the first time after his release from the hospital.

Author's LJ: etcetera_cat
Fandom: due South
Link to story: Fluid
Why I love this snippet: There are a few excellent snippets written in and around Ray's near-drowning in Mounty on the Bounty. To me its something best explored in a snippet, when the author can give you the taste of it and then leave it for you to savor. This is my pick of the litter. I suggest reading "Fluid" out loud for best appreciation of it's shivery, sing-songy, repetition.

Author's LJ: akamine_chan
Fandom: due South
Link to story: Hanging
Why I love this snippet: Most of the best snippets focus in on a pivotal moment, and this is the story I read when I want to remember how to do that. It digs its teeth into you and won't let go. You feel that terrifying moment right along with Fraser.


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Feb. 2nd, 2016 05:01 am (UTC)
I've been going through all the dS snippets bit by bit, but it's extra-wonderful to have your recs list!
Feb. 2nd, 2016 07:04 am (UTC)
Thanks, ride, I'm so glad you enjoyed my guided tour!
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