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Vengeance vs. Forgiveness

I've been reading recent threads on MacLeod, and the question of whether he judges others. My own question, inspired by a vid idea that is eating my brain, has to do with vengeance.

I'm not concerned with MacLeod killing Immortals for being a threat to Mortals right now. I want to look at his response when another person has harmed him or people he cares about. I welcome any form of response and discussion, up to pelting with gummy bears. But I'm going to start the conversation with a simple list of cases in which it seems to me he responded with vengeance, and times he did not.

Vengeance on:
Kanwulf for the death of Ian MacLeod
Earl of Rosemont for the massacres after Culloden
Kern for the death of Little Deer
Xavier for killing Hamza El Kahir

Forgiveness of:
Kage with personal betrayal and the deaths of the nuns and orphans
the Mortal boy who killed Tessa
possibly Methos ("I want him to live!")

a bit of both for:
Haresh Clay for the killing of Graham Ashe

Ideas? Comments?


Jun. 23rd, 2006 03:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, "The Judge" can get very ugly. My favorite "Good Guy" archetype is what my partner and I call "The Paladin". The paladin strives to do the right thing in complex situations and inspires others to be better by his or her presence and example.

I look for them in books and shows. MacLeod in Highlander, Creighton in Farscape, Paksenarrion in Sheepfarmer's Daughter, etc.
Jun. 23rd, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)
My favourite "Good Guy" archetype is what most people would call "Bad Guy", or at best, "Morally Ambigous Guy".