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Remix the Drabble Reveals (DS, HL)

I wrote Law of the Jungle (The Urban Remix) in response to kernezelda's untitled dingo fic.
There's a POV change, from the birthing mother to Dief, who's tracking her. It's a rather darker fic than the original. I experimented with throwing grammar to the wind, using unconventional conventions, since Dief is operating outside of human laws and boundaries here, sunk deep in his wolfish instincts. Only one word gets capitalized - Pack. Because from Dief's POV, it's the only concept worth emphasizing. My apologies to any readers who's eyes burned - I figured y'all could take anything for 100 words.

xsmoonshine wrote Dissonance (Danse Macabre Remix) in response to my Highlander fic Dissonance. Dissonance is one of my favorite Highlander pieces, and I'm really impressed with how she captured the tension of the original in just 100 words. If you get a chance, check it out and feed the author some feedback!