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Supernatural Fanfiction Index

I invite people to remix my stories, create podfic of them, use my original characters, recycle my plots, and create transformative works based on my writing. My only requirement is that the author include a link back to the story where they got the idea.

I've marked my personal favorites with *.

Short Stories:

...but the sun is getting low
Gen, Dean, Sam. When Dean made his Deal, he hadn’t expected to spend the last weeks of his year this way. Inspired by honeylocusttree's chilling drawing as part of the spn_reversebang challenge. 5k words. [PG-13]

By the Dark of the Moon
Gen, Sam casefic. Sam almost hopes that there is a supernatural explanation for Dean's disappearance. 6k words. [PG-13]

Counting Down to Zero
Gen, Future!Dean. Here's life in the rubble. 500 words (5.04 spoilers) [PG-13]

* Courage is Not the Absence of Fear
Gen, Dean, Crowley, Sam. Hellhounds. Why did it have to be hellhounds? 1st place winner in the spnland 'Metamorphosis' challenge. AU with heavy 5.20 spoilers. 1.3k words [PG]

* Dare Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry
Sam/Dean. Graphic violence and explicit incest with bloodkink and dubcon between evil!Sam and animalistic!Dean, all in a dark post-apocalyptic setting. All with a happy ending, honest! Written for leonidaslion in the sammessiah Anti-Christmas exchange. 7.8k words [NC-17]

Dazed and Confused
Sam/Ruby. When you're the last one left, you do whatever you have to. Written for the spnland 'Zeppelin Rules' challenge. Season 4 spoilers. 880 words [R]

Dominance Issues
Sam/Dean. A Sam without a soul is convinced he should be in charge. Dean's prepared to do whatever it takes to prove otherwise. Written for the slaveexchange challenge. Season 6 spoilers. 13.3 k words [NC-17]

* The Double Bottom Line
Gen. Sam sneaks a look at his brother's journal. 850 words [PG]

And the Devil Got His Due (The Green-Light Remix)
Gen AU. Victor Henricksen, Sam. When Henricksen sent the Winchesters to a Nevada super-max six months ago, he thought he was done with them. Written for the 2010 kamikazeremix challenge. 2.2k words [PG-13]

Evening the Odds
Gen AU casefic, Bill Harvelle, John Winchester. In the spring of '86, Bill and John worked a job down at the Devil's Gate Reservior. 1st place winner in the spnland 'Substitute Your Reality' challenge. 1.6k words [PG-13]

Five Deals, Five Days
Gen, Bela Tablot. Bela has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Awarded 'Most Creative' in the spnland 'All's Fair' challenge. 600 words [PG-13]

A Girl's Gotta Do
Jo/Ruby. Jo was aware that a sudden desire to avoid moral ambiguity might be the stupidest reason ever to call a demon, but she didn’t let that stop her. Written for apieceofcake's wonderful art in the spn_reversebang. 7k words. [PG-13]

Glimpsed in the Mirror of His Bright Shield
Dean/Dean's Right Hand. Some things aren't safe to look at directly. Underage, incest, PWP. 1k words [NC-17]

Green Day
Gen, Ruby. Written for the spnland 'Through the Looking Glass' writing challenge. This is an AU of Supernatural wherein there are no supernatural forces. At all. So very, very AU. 2.2k words [R]

* Heaven Can Wait
Gen - Tessa, Mary, John, Ash, Jo, Ellen, Meg, Gabriel, Crowley, Lucifer, Michael. The funny thing about my version of the Roadhouse, Ash mused, is how empty it is. Written for the spnland 'Chrysalis' challenge. Canonical major character death. [PG-13]

Gen. Dean Winchester, OC. Dean doesn’t talk about what happened when he was abducted. Written for cece_away in the spn_summergen challenge, for the the prompt I'd like Dean to make the hard choice NOT to kill a monster. 3.2k words [PG]

How the West Was Won
Gen AU. Sam Harvelle, Dean Winchester. Sam has a life here. Just ... none of it feels like his life. Nothing has, since the day he woke up in a hospital bed with the name Sam Harvelle. Written for the spn_bitesized AU Challenge. 1.3k words [PG-13]

If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Gen case-fic. Forks wasn't a job. Until it was. 2nd place winner in the spnland Crossed-Out contest, although it's not exactly a Twilight cross-over. 3.7k words [PG-13]

Gen, Outsider POV. John's hunt for the thing that killed Mary affecs everyone and everything around him. 3rd place winner in the spnland 'Inanimately' contest. 500 words [PG]

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
Gen Sci-Fi AU. One brother did everything his father asked. The other walked away. Today is the day they realize none of that matters anymore. Written for spn_cinema. Vaguely inspired by 'Starship Troopers'. 1,800 words. [PG-13]

Letters Home (The Echo 2/1 Remix)
John/Mary, pre-series. John writes home as often as he can, to let Mary know he's safe.
A remix of This Strange New World by littlemissmimi for Remix Redux 2010. [PG-13]

* The Lion's Howl
Sam/Dean. Dean's all fucked up when he comes back from Hell. Sam thinks some kinky sex is the answer.
Written for elliemurasaki's prompt in the spn_bitesized kink meme. 1.5k words [R]

The Maid of Orléans
Gen. Gabriel, Joan of Arc. Gabriel is sent to Joan when she is 16, to prepare the girl to fulfill her destiny. 1st place winner in the spnland Prank War 2010 contest. [PG]

O Drom si Baro (The Road is Long)
Gen. Dean, Sam, OFC. Written for Dark Agenda's Racebending Revenge challenge. In this AU, Dean and Sam Winchester are 3rd generation American Romani 1.6k words [PG]

On His Knees, Looking Up
Sam/Dean. Warnings for explicit incest, underage (Sam is 16), alley sex, and a possibly triggery dub-con scenario. 560 words [NC-17]

Primary Sources
Gen pre-series case-fic. Written for the 50states_spn challenge. Their latest hunt involves a haunted house in Narragansett with a reputation for killing women and children. Dad won't let Sam and Dean anywhere near the mansion, but that doesn't mean they can't help. 15k words [PG-13]

Quiet Waits the Grave
Sam/Jess. She’s always there, a silent figure in white at the periphery of his vision. 1.2k words. Angst! [PG]

* Ride the Lightning
Gen case-fic. An investigation of some unusual electrical storms in Seattle leads the Winchesters undercover in a gay fraternity. 7.3k words [PG-13]

* Runaways
Gen pre-series, outsider POV. Written for the Sam&Dean MiniBang challenge, with art by reapertownusa. We lost seven teenage boys from the shelter in the summer of '97. The last were a pair of brothers so wrapped up in each other that I never had a chance to save them. Their names were Sam and Dean. 10.2k words [PG]

* Sacraments
Sam/Dean. I’ve been known by a thousand names over the ages. Raum, Akoman, Mara, Azazel’s Hound. Lately, I go by Dean Winchester. Written for hunters_retreat in the sammessiah Anti-Christmas challenge. Sibling incest, underage sexuality, demon!Dean, dark!Sam, violence, bloodplay, power dynamics, and blasphemy. With a happy ending! 3.3k words [NC-17]

* Setting the Mood
Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean. Sam couldn't jerk off without thinking of Jess. He couldn’t think of Jess without remembering blood and flame. And there was no way he was telling his brother about his little problem. PWP, incest, phone sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, and mild bdsm. 2.2k words [NC-17]

Sharing and Caring
Sam/Dean. Sam's never been good at sharing. Incest and jealousy. 555 words [R]

Gen. Dean should have known better than to voluntarily get into an elevator with Sam Wesson. Written for the spn_summergen ficathon. 1.7k words. [PG-13]

True Believer
Gen. Sam, Casey. Sure, demons lie. But some are true believers. 1st place winner in the spnland 'Brains of the Outfit' writing challenge, to create an AU of 3x04, 'Sin City'. 1.4 k words [PG-13]

Whatever You Say (The Vehicular Displacement Remix)
Sam/Dean/Impala. Somehow, even when whammied by a spell that makes him do whatever Dean says, Sam still gets his way. This is an alternative ending remix of jasmasson's delightfully kinky Sam/Dean fic, Whatever You Say. Explicit incest, dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, mention of underage UST, fun games with dynamics of power, control, and consent. I suppose, given that it's 'magic made them do it' cliché fic, that I should warn for dubcon. Also, there may or may not be a threesome with the Impala. 4.2k words [NC-17]

Where There's Smoke
Implied Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel. Dean didn’t know what he was waking up to. He just knew it was bad. Angst, apocofic, sorta amnesia fic. Written for fayolin, as part of the sammessiah Antichristmas exchange. 1.2k words [NC-17]

The Witch of Lincoln County
Gen AU. John, Bobbi Singer. John looks into reports of a witch holed up in a salvage yard in South Dakota. 3rd place and Most Creative winner spnland Genderswap contest. 1.7k words [PG]

Ficlets, Drabbles and Snippets:

Blessed Father, who did not make me a woman
Meg POV on events from 'Born Under a Bad Sign.'. Meg hasn't had a male body in centuries. [PG-13]

By Any Other Name
Gen, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer. Written for the sharp_teeth Horror Comment-fic challenge. Sam's not gonna to lose his brother. Not again. (5.01 AU)[PG]

* Champion
Gen, OC, Dean, Sam. Michael and Lucifer weren't the first to claim the brothers.
Written for the spn_drabble Dean's Amulet challenge. [PG]

Connecting the Dots
Gen, John. Missing scene from Devil's Trap. John knows what happened. He's just not sure about the why. [PG]

Contacts Dean, Sam
6x08 coda. Once upon a time, Sam messing with my phone would've been the opening shot in an epic prank war. Now? [PG]

Creation Myth
Gen, God, Lucifer. This is what happens when I listen to Anais Mithchell's folk-rock opera version of the Orpheus myth, 'Hadestown', and then watch 5x16. [PG]

Demons Bleed
Het(?), Demon!Dean. Dark and nasty. Demons bleed in Hell. [R]

Gen, Dean. The angels laid siege to Hell to rescue him. But they were just the diversion. Part of the Neverweres series of AU drabbles. [PG]

Empty Space
Poetry, Dean/Lisa. Dean tries to keep his promise. Written for the spnland 'Roses are Red' competition. 5x22 spoilers. [PG]

Five People Dean Winchester Never Killed, and One He Did
Gen, Dean, outsider POV. A rather dark AU of 'Heart', 'The Benders', 'Hunted', 'Nightshifter', 'Devil's Trap', and 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. [PG]

Get Back On That Bike, Sammy
Gen, Dean. It’s our first salt-and-burn since Stanford. [G]

Giving Him Space
Gen, Dean. The Pilot, gone AU. Dean's had one job, his whole life. Part of the Neverweres series of AU drabbles. [PG]

Giving It Away
Sam/Dean. Dean doesn't like demons touching Sam. Explicit incest, mild BDSM. (5.04 spoilers) [NC-17]

hellfire dreams
Sam/Dean. It wasn't the rack that broke him. (Season 4 spoilers) [R]

The Horsemen's Ballade
Poetry, gen. I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. 3rd place winner in the spnland 'Roses are Red' competition. [PG]

Involuntary Reactions
Sam/Dean. I never meant for it to happen. Not like that. [R]

Gen, Dean. All Hell Breaks Loose, gone AU. Sam's long gone. Part of the Neverweres series of AU drabbles. [PG]

Like Oil and Napalm
Dean/Ruby. She never did figure out if this was meant to be her punishment, or her reward. Written for the spnland 'Expanding Your Horizons' challenge. (4.01 AU) 350 words [R]

and the lion shall lie down with the lamb
Gen, Sam and Dean. Jus in Bello, gone AU. Part of the Neverweres series of AU drabbles. [PG]

Long Past Death Do Us Part
John/Mary. John's vows didn't include a loophole. 2nd place winner in the spnland 'Devotion' contest. 360 words [PG]

Losing Time
Gen, Sam. Sam's not sure where he is, but it doesn't really matter. [PG]

Meditations on Existence as a Multidimensional Wave of Celestial Intent Castiel
The song of Heaven grows discordant. Written for the spnland 'Day to Day' diary challenge. Spoilers for 6x03. [PG]

* No Longer In Service
Gen, Future!Dean, Future!Castiel. We’re all a little nuts these days. (5.04 spoilers) [PG]

Not Exactly Vengeful
Gen, Sam, Dean. Some spirits just piss Dean off. [PG]

* Not a Sparrow Falls
God,Castiel. Not a sparrow falls that He does not know and allow for His reason. What then do we have to fear? Written for the spnland 'Dear John' love notes competition. [G]

On Behalf of an Ungrateful Nation
Gen, Sam. Dad deserved a military funeral. [PG]

On the House
Gen, Henricksen. Special Agent Victor Henricksen follows a lead to the Harvelle's Roadhouse. 1st place winner in the spnland 'I Fought the Law' competition. [PG-13]

The Poison Apple
Gen, Sam. Their lives had always been more Grimm than Disney. [G]

Popcorn in the Folds of His Trench Coat [G] Castiel
Written for the chelseafrew in the supernatural100 drabble exchange.

Predators and Prey [PG] Dean, Sam, and Mary Winchester
Gen. You can't change what you are. 3rd place winner in the spnland 'Location, Location, Location' challenge.

The Price of Justice [PG] Sam, Aaron Birch
6x03 coda written for the spn_bitesized Challenge of Three for elliemurasaki's Price of Justice prompt.

The Rare Answer'ed Prayer
Gen, Castiel. So little is permitted. [G]

Reclaim, Restore, Release
Gen, Alastair. Alastair's reaction to the Winchesters in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. [PG]

Red Moon Rising
Gen, Mary Campbell. Mary's body has its own sense of priorities. Written for the spn_bitesized Bad Moon Rising challenge for elliemurasaki's menstruation prompt. [PG]

Rental Disagreements
Gen, Sam. "Let's split up," Dean said. [PG]

Romance and Shiner Bock Don't Mix
Dean/OFC. In which Sam attempts to cock-block his brother. Written for the spnland 'Lookin' Good' pick-up line challenge. [PG]

Sammy's First Date
Gen, Sam. Dean tries to be helpful. [G]

Saturday Morning
Gen, John, Dean, and Sammy. The boys always wake up early. A birthday present for aerye [G]

The Search for God
Gen, Castiel. Angels don't lie. They speak in shades of truth. 5x02 spoilers. [G]

A Simple Kiss Goodnight
Gen, John, Dean. Pre-series. It's been 137 nights since Mary died. A birthday present for write_light. [G]

Suicide Note
Gen, Poetry, Dean. Dean's letter for Sam. 3rd place winner in the spnland 'Roses are Red' competition. 5x18 spoilers. [PG-13]

Sun Signs
Gen, Dean, Sammy. Sammy normally spends the day of a move making Dean's life hell. Today, he's just reading. 1st place winner in the spnland 'Water' writing challenge. [PG]

Gen, Zachariah, Gabriel. Certain things cannot be taken, only given away. Written for the spn_drabble Dean's Amulet challenge. [PG]

Ten Thousand Nights
Gen. Lenore remembers. 1st place winner in the spnland 'Location, Location, Location' challenge. [PG]

* This is Why Alcoholics Don't Tend Bar
Gen, Dean. Written for the sharp_teeth Horror Comment-fic challenge for khakigrrl's prompt about Dean, Sam, and the panic room. Dark, but I'm very proud of this one. [R]

Treading Water
Gen, John, Dean. Pre-series. Survival's a matter of endurance. [G]

Two in a Twin
Gen, John, Dean, Sammy. The boys have always shared a bed. Now that Dean is sixteen, it's getting a little ridiculous. [G]

Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams
Gen, Bobby. Missing scene from 'When the Levee Breaks'. [PG-13]

* An Urgent Spate of Gossip
Gen, Outsider POV. A little more tequila, a little less demon-hunting ... things could’ve gone a whole other way. Part of the Neverweres series of AU drabbles. [PG]

Sam/Dean. Dean's never really tried any of that kinky stuff. [PG-13]

A Winchester Always Pays His Debts
Pamela/Sam/Dean. In which Pamela is determined to get what's owed her. Written for the spnland 'Lookin' Good' pick-up line challenge. [PG]

Years Gone By
Ellen/Dean. It's too late to make things right. Ellen does what she can with the cards she's been dealt. A birthday present for elementalv for her prompt of "forgiveness". [R]


Dean/Castiel. Castiel is an Angel of the Lord, and Dean Winchester is his bit - uh, the soul he raised from Perdition. Song by Crease.

Apocalypse Drunk
And you can't save me now. Song 'Hurricane Drunk' by Florence and the Machine.

Every State Line
Legend has it two brothers once traveled these roads in a black Chevy Impala. Song by Ani diFranco.

Feel Good
Sure, there's a master plan. Doesn't mean a demon can't have a little fun. Song 'Feel Good Time' by P!nk. 1st place winner in the spnland 2nd apocalypse fanvideo contest.

Pretty Fly (for a douchebag)
Ghostfacers - because the world loves wannabes! Song 'Pretty Fly (for a Whiteguy)', by The Offspring. 2nd place winner in the spnland 3rd apocalypse fanvideo contest.
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