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No explanations meme

Gakked from green_wing via insomnia_geek.

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks—and, believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems.

Kissed any one of your LiveJournal friends? — Yes
Been arrested? — Yes
Kissed someone you didn't like? — Yes
Slept in until 5 PM? — Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? — Yes
Held a snake? — Yes
Ran a red light? — Yes
Been suspended from school? — No
Experienced love at first sight? — No
Totaled your car in an accident? — No
Been fired from a job? — No
Fired somebody? — No
Sung karaoke? — Yes
Pointed a gun at someone? — Yes
Did something you told yourself you wouldn't? — Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your eyes? — No
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? — Yes
Kissed in the rain? — Yes
Had a close brush with death (your own)? — Yes
Saw someone die? — No
Played Spin-the-Bottle? — No
Smoked a cigar? — No
Sat on a rooftop? — Yes
Smuggled something into another country? — Yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? — Yes
Broken a bone? — Yes
Skipped school? — No
Eaten a bug? — Yes
Sleepwalked? — No
Walked on a moonlit beach? — Yes
Ridden a motorcycle? — No
Dumped someone? — Yes
Forgotten your anniversary? — Yes
Lied to avoid a ticket? — No
Ridden in a helicopter? — No
Shaved your head? — Yes
Blacked out from drinking? — No
Played a prank on someone? — Yes
Hit a home run? — No
Felt like killing someone? — No
Cross-dressed? — Yes
Been falling-down drunk? — No
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? — Yes
Eaten snake? — No
Marched/Protested? — Yes
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? — No
Puked on an amusement ride? — No
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? — Yes
Been in a band? — Yes
Knitted? — Yes
Been on TV? — No
Shot a gun? — Yes
Skinny-dipped? — Yes
Given someone stitches? — No
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? — No
Ridden a surfboard? — No
Drunk straight from a liquor bottle? — No
Had surgery? — Yes
Streaked? — Yes
Been taken by ambulance to a hospital? — No
Tripped on mushrooms? — Yes
Passed out when NOT drinking? — Yes
Peed on a bush? — No
Donated Blood? — Yes
Grabbed electric fence? -- No
Eaten alligator meat? - Yes
Eaten cheesecake? — Yes
Eaten your kids' Halloween candy? — No
Killed an animal when NOT hunting? — Yes
Peed your pants in public? — Yes
Snuck into a movie without paying? — Yes
Written graffiti? — Yes
Still love someone you shouldn't? — No
Think about the future? — Yes
Been in handcuffs? — Yes
Believe in love? — Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? — Yes


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Oct. 16th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
What kind of gun did you point at somebody?
Oct. 16th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
It was a Ruger .22 - but only as a stupid mistake, not with intent to harm.
Oct. 16th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
Fascinating! Wow, I would love to answer those questions too, except I am a Rising Libra and that means I would drive myself crazy, because "maybe" and "I'm not sure" and "I don't remember" are off limits. Though, okay, I don't have to follow rules slavishly on my own LJ. On the other hand, I have homework to do. :)

So...do you care to explain any of those? I would love to hear the explanation for any you particularly want to explain. Especially the arrest and the handcuffs, but really anything else as well.

So there.

For my next stunt, I suppose I should run with scissors. :)
Oct. 16th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
Run with scissors!
Got arrested as part of a protest.
I once dunped someone half-way through a 2-hour car trip, where he was the one driving - I don't recommend it.
The handcuffs, on the other hand? Just for fun. And I DO recommend them. Although the metal cop-type cuffs tend to leave marks. The soft fur-lined leather ones don't.
And back in the day I was the lead singer for a bluesy classic rock band. Didn't play out all that often, but we did actually get paid, so I suppose that makes me a professional.

Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!
Oct. 16th, 2009 06:46 am (UTC)
Your turn!
What was the surgery for?
Where were you streaking?
Tell me about your brush with death.
Oct. 16th, 2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Your turn!
I've had several minor surgeries. The most interesting was when they went in through my nose to retrieve a scrap of lung tissue for testing. They hadn't given me enough anaestethic, to start with, and I lay there for a time, pain getting worse and worse, claustrophobic with all these hands around my face, listening to the doctor cuss out my tiny nasal passages, before reaking out and demanding more drugs.

I was streaking at college, through the halls of my dorm.

I once walked across a railroad trestle bridge, very high above the valley, and had to run for my life when the train appeared off schedule. Also slid down and almost off the roof of a building once, but caught myself on the rain gutter, which didn't quite come off.
Oct. 16th, 2009 09:23 am (UTC)
OK, I'm really curious why you passed out when you weren't drinking and why you shaved your head.
Oct. 16th, 2009 01:46 pm (UTC)
Sunstroke once, and the flu another time.

As for the head shaving - I'd cut my hair short, and then the thermometer hit 100 degrees, and I was like, "Oh screw it - shave it all off."
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