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Remix the drabble!

remixthedrabble is posting this week. Some marvelous anaonymous person remixed my SPN Sam/Dean jealousy fic Sharing and Caring into Mind Control (The Sharing and Caring Remix). It captures the heart of the original in just 100 words - quite the challenge!

Another person remixed my Bobby ficlet Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams into Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams (The Relativism Remix). Terrific Bobby-voice - check it out!

You should all check out the comm and offer feedback to the authors. Short fics get less feedback. Remixes get less feedback. And so authors in this challenge don't get anywhere near the recognition they deserve, to my mind.

Have some links!
C6D Fandoms (due South, Slings & Arrows, etc.) With a heavy Diefenbaker bias this round!
Science Fiction (BSG, SGA, Farscape, etc.)
Jossverse (Buffy, Firefly, etc.)
Doctor Who and Torchwood
Disney *boggles*


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Oct. 22nd, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
Hee, I too noticed that Dief seems to be the star!
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