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Short-fic, be they drabbles, snippets, or ficlets, are among my favorite types of fanfic. I think they often go under-appreciated. This fabulous SPN challenge is about to turn one week old. So I thought I'd recommend a few of my favorites so far from assorted genres, in an attempt to get them a little more limelight.

Untitled by aisalynn [PG] Gen
Sam wishes Dean would take prison a little more seriously.

What Sam Learned At College by ladyrhyanne [PG] Gen
Look for the quick emotional turn-around on this one.

Freckled and Burnt by taelynhawker [NC-17] Sam/Dean
What, I have to pick just one? taelynhawker keeps blowing me away with her ridiculously hot ficlets in this challenge. This one has Sam looking after a very sun-burned Dean.

Love Stories Involving the Impala (What? It's a SPN genre!)
Idling by shes_gone [PG] Sam/Dean or Sam/Dean/Impala or possibly even Gen
Stopped at a red light in the middle of nowhere, Sam watches Dean sleep.

Future Fic
Lies Sam Winchester Told Me by laufeyette [PG] Sam/Dean implied
The Winchesters spend the night at a safe house, and Sam stays up late.

Lost by redrum669 [PG] Gen
Dean protects Sam from the demons that exist only in his own mind.

Hanging On by callistosh65 [PG] Sam, Castiel Gen
Sam's reaction to Castiel touching his brother's amulet.

The Challenge is still going on! Come and play!


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Nov. 8th, 2009 09:58 pm (UTC)
You recc'd me!! Thank you SO much!

Also, I love all the other one's you've put out there. This prompt-challenge is bringing out some good stuff!
Nov. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm (UTC)
I kept going back and forth between 'Freckled and Burnt' and two other porny ficlets you'd written for this challenge, trying to pick which one to rec.

People really are bringing their A-game for this challenge!
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