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Due South fic rec

For any Due South fans who might poke their noses in here, I have a new favorite story, Hawks and Hands by Dira Sudis.

This is a long, plotty, NC-17, F/K AU hockey story. It takes all of the best characters and threads from Due South: Diefenbaker, Kowalski, Vecchio, Frobisher, Victoria, Fraser's obsession with bringing his father's killers to justice. And then it reweaves them into a completely new and different tapestry, that is somehow more believable than canon.

Here we have Ben Fraser, NHL defensemen recently traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Chicago Blackhawks. He's strong on the ice and a real sportsman, but rumor has it he's not so hot in the locker room; just doesn't get along with his team mates.

There we see Ray Kowalski. He was one of the greats, one hell of a fighter both on and off the ice. That's a good thing in hockey, but no one is going to sign him with those messed up hands.

And when they get together ... magic.

If at first you wonder why characters are acting a certain way, or think something doesn't make sense, just keep reading. It ALL fits. If you don't know much about hockey, check out the author's "Hockey Primer" from the main page.


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Jul. 28th, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link, Keera! I have to admit, it was the hockey angle that intrigued me--sports fics in general, and hockey fics in particular, are not easy to write, and damn few are written well. I can tell from the first few pages that this author knows her blue line from the crease *g*. Interesting and challenging premise!
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