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2009 Writing Round-Up

What? You're not meant to write these in March? Mere details! I finally finished responding to the comments on my Yuletide fics tonight, and apparently that was what my brain needed in order to create a Year Round-up.

This year I created 45 stories and 3 vids across 12 fandoms. Lots of drabbles and snippets, so it only totalled up to 33,000 words. 11 due South stories. 26 Supernatural stories. (Hi shiny new fandom!) 4 remixes. I starred a few of my favorites. Maybe in another few months I'll get around to the meme...

Due South

The Art of Boxing
F/K Cut scene from 'Mountie and Soul.' Written for ds_snippets Rapid Fire Challenge, prompt: "Tape" (PG)

* Bad for the Soul
Ever wonder why the officers of the 2-7 suddenly decided to move on Warfield? Written for ds_snippets Challenge #100: "Spin" and "Stalk" (PG)

Containment Breach
'Asylum' meets the zombie apocalypse. Written for ds_snippets Zombie Challenge #105 (PG)

External Factors (The Fallen Bathrobe Remix)
F/K A dark remix of kinetikatrue's cheerful domestic fic Bathrobe Wars, created for remixredux09. 3.8k words. (PG-13)

Full Moon Over Chicago (The Heterozygous Gene Remix)
Gen or Fraser/Kowalski remix of luzula's fabulous werewolf AU, Shifting, created for remixthedrabble. Ray? Is not a werewolf. 400 words. (PG-13)

* Inescapable Realities
F/K Just another morning up in the NWT. Written for ds_snippets Amnesty challenge #21, prompt: window, jump, wait. Caveat lector. (PG-13)

Law of the Jungle (The Urban Remix)
A 100 word remix of kernezelda's untitled dingo fic, written for round 6 of remixthedrabble.

Proven Innocent
F/K Three month later time-stamp for Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

A Very Merry Unbirthday
This was one freaky birthday party, and it wasn't even Ray's birthday. Written for ds_snippets Complete Amnesty Challenge: "Gift" (PG)

The Wrong Side of the Tracks
It's been a slow week, and something's wrong with Fraser. Written for ds_snippets Challenge #103: "Railroad" (PG)


Connecting the Dots
Gen John snippet. Missing scene from Devil's Trap. John knows what happened. He's just not sure about the why. [PG]

Counting Down to Zero
Gen, Future!Dean. Here's life in the rubble. 500 words [PG-13]

Demons Bleed
Het(?) Demon!Dean snippet. Dark and nasty. Demons bleed in Hell. [R]

* The Double Bottom Line
Gen. Sam sneaks a look at his brother's journal. 850 words [PG]

Five People Dean Winchester Never Killed, and One He Did
Gen Dean snippet, outsider POV. A rather dark AU of 'Heart', 'The Benders', 'Hunted', 'Nightshifter', 'Devil's Trap', and 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. [PG]

Get Back On That Bike, Sammy
Gen Dean drabble. It’s our first salt-and-burn since Stanford. [G]

Giving It Away
Sam/Dean drabble. Dean doesn't like demons touching Sam. Explicit incest, mild BDSM. [NC-17]

Glimpsed in the Mirror of His Bright Shield
Dean/Dean's Right Hand. Some things aren't safe to look at directly. Underage, incest, PWP. 1k words [NC-17]

* No Longer In Service
Gen Future!Dean, Future!Castiel drabble. We’re all a little nuts these days. [PG]

Not Exactly Vengeful
Gen Sam and Dean drabble. Some spirits just piss Dean off. [PG]

On His Knees, Looking Up
Sam/Dean. Warnings for explicit incest, underage (Sam is 16), alley sex, and a possibly triggery dub-con scenario. 560 words [NC-17]

Playing Rough
Het(?) Gen(?) pre-series Jo, Gordon, OMC fic. Rather dark, with an unsympathetic narrator and a potentially triggerish non-con scenario. 900 words [R]

The Poison Apple
Gen Sam drabble. Their lives had always been more Grimm than Disney. [G]

The Rare Answer'ed Prayer
Gen Castiel drabble. So little is permitted. [G]

* Reclaim, Restore, Release
Gen Alastair drabble. Alastair's reaction to the Winchesters in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. [PG]

Rental Disagreements
Gen Sam drabble. "Let's split up," Dean said. [PG]

* Ride the Lightning
Gen case-fic. An investigation of some unusual electrical storms in Seattle leads the Winchesters undercover in a gay fraternity. 7.3k words [PG-13]

Sammy's First Date
Gen Sam drabble. Dean tries to be helpful. [G]

* Setting the Mood
Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean. Sam couldn't jerk off without thinking of Jess. He couldn’t think of Jess without remembering blood and flame. And there was no way he was telling his brother about his little problem. PWP, incest, phone sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, and mild bdsm. 2.2k words [NC-17]

Sharing and Caring
Sam/Dean. Sam's never been good at sharing. Incest and jealousy. 555 words [R]

Treading Water
Gen John and Dean snippet. Pre-series. Survival's a matter of endurance. [G]

Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams
Gen Bobby snippet. Missing scene from 'When the Levee Breaks'. [PG-13]

Quiet Waits the Grave
Sam/Jess. She’s always there, a silent figure in white at the periphery of his vision. 1.2k words. Angst! [PG]

Sam/Dean drabble. Dean's never really tried any of that kinky stuff. [PG-13]

* Whatever You Say (The Vehicular Displacement Remix)
Sam/Dean/Impala. Somehow, even when whammied by a spell that makes him do whatever Dean says, Sam still gets his way. This is an alternative ending remix of jasmasson's delightfully kinky Sam/Dean fic, Whatever You Say. Explicit incest, dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, mention of underage UST, fun games with dynamics of power, control, and consent. I suppose, given that it's 'magic made them do it' cliché fic, that I should warn for dubcon. Also, there may or may not be a threesome with the Impala. 4.2k words [NC-17]

Other Fandoms

Artistic Vision
Dresden Files snippet. Bob's earned a reward. (PG-13)

Vorkosigan - Nicol/Bel fic. lmb_challenge prompt: "secrets". Everyone assumes Nicol doesn't have an agenda of her own. 900 words. (PG-13)

The Formula
Prison Break - Mahone gen ficlet. Unless you interpret Mahone's obsession with Michael as UST, which is a totally valid lifestyle choice. There's just one piece left to the puzzle. 800 words. (PG)

Impervious to Reason
Moonlight - Mick/Beth drabble written for Lizzen in the 2009 Yuletide Madness Challenge. Josef tried to talk them out of it. (PG)

* Life, stripped of all luxuries
Curse of Chalion - Cazaril/Palli fic written for Dira Sudis in the 2009 Yuletide Challenge. Poetry created under siege. 2.1 k words. (R)

Like Taking Candy from a Baby
Dresden Files - Funny gen Thomas snippet, outsider POV written for Rodo in the 2009 Yuletide Madness Challenge. Charlie had heard rumors about Warden Dresden, but he never expected this. (PG)

* My Writing Manifesto
Meta. Why We Write, by keerawa. (PG)

to pierce the icy calm of the dead
World of Warcraft - Sylvanus drabble written for BridgetMcKennitt in the 2009 Yuletide Madness Challenge. Sylvanus under the Lich King's thrall. (R)

Space Duty Sucks
Babylon 5 - Gen, Sinclair and Garibaldi written for Mimm in the 2009 Yuletide challenge. Breakfast in the Blue 9 canteen is already starting to feel routine. 1.3k words. (G)

Your Pants Are On Fire
Highlander - Gen Methos drabble. A missing scene from "To Be..." Inspired by calime's drabble Snapshots and How Many Goats by mackiedockie and adabsolutely.

Vids (All created for vividcon this summer, interestingly enough.)

Every State Line
Supernatural - Legend has it two brothers once traveled these roads in a black Chevy Impala. Song by Ani diFranco.

You Spin Me
Moonlight - When canon hands you a creepy pediophiliac stalker vampire as a love interest, you might as well make lemonade! Umm - a vid. You know. Some day, someone will actually watch and comment upon this vid. Song by The Dope.

Zen and the Art of the Homicide Detective
Life - Charlie's just trying to live a life of compassion and joy. Song '19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)' by Gorillaz.