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We all live lives of quiet fantasy

here are some fragments of mine

5 May
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  • keerawa@livejournal.com
I am an avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy. I enjoy movies and TV shows, but I like it even better when the fans take back their heros and heras from the corporations by writing fanfiction. I started writing my own fanfiction in 2005, and use this journal to host the stories I write. My Highlander fic, My due South fic, my SPN fic. I also enjoy vidding in a large number of fandoms.

I invite people to podfic, translate, or remix my stories, use my original characters, recycle my plots, and create transformative works based on my writing. My only requirement is that the author include a link back to the story where they got the idea.

I adore all kinds of feedback, including comments on older fanworks and con-crit. The con-crit I've received has ben invaluble to me. If you feel uncomfortable leaving con-crit in the comments to a fic or vid, feel free to email them to me at keerawa at yahoo dot com.

Feel free to friend or de-friend me on a whim. I don't mind. You can also find me as keerawa on Archive of Our Own.